The milk diet to lose 6 kg in 3 weeks

The milk diet to lose 6 kg in 3 weeks

Before you roll your eyes, no .
The milk diet, known as the Portuguese diet, is not a milk-only diet , and has nothing to do with Portugal. Unlike the Brazilian diet, which actually arises from guidelines from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, or the Dutch diet which is actually based on some Dutch dietary studies, Portugal has nothing to do with it.


Yet the milk diet is a very simple , almost trivial, but tremendously effective diet for losing weight . This is because milk has remarkable detoxifying properties. On the one hand, in fact, it is a resource of potassium, and not just calcium: therefore skimmed milk is an excellent drink for those who suffer from swelling and have problems such as cellulite. On the other hand, it is the calcium intake that is essential for having a good metabolism. In fact, more than one study has established that calcium deficiency is one of the common causes of overweight. Indeed, a 2007 study on a sample of diabetic women established that increasing the amount of calcium from milk and dairy products made participants lose more weight. 
However, the same beneficial effect of calcium was not found with supplements (calcium citrate or malate) except in a small percentage.
Another study found that in a low-calorie diet, consumption of calcium from milk and dairy products increased weight loss. 

Finally, the consumption of milk and dairy products reduces stress: in women it decreases aggression , and reduces the risk of inflammation related to the metabolic syndrome. 
You may have heard that milk and dairy products are bad, contain hormones, lead to osteoporosis and more: well, I addressed these topics in the article “The benefits of milk “.

With the milk diet (which, I repeat, is not just milk based), it is possible to lose 6 kg in 3 weeks . Then just follow the simple maintenance rules at the end of the diet to avoid regaining the lost weight.
And at each change of season you can repeat it to reduce stress and improve metabolism.
The plan to follow is of three schemes: one per week.
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