Eating more for 5 days doesn’t make you fat

Eating more for 5 days doesn’t make you fat

An unusual news, which, however, will make us breathe a good sigh of relief on the occasion of holidays or holidays.

According to a study just published in the American Journal of Physiology — Endocrinology and Metabolism, it is possible to eat up to a thousand extra calories per day for up to 5 days.
Without gaining weight.

The scientists who conducted the study put a group of young boys on a high-calorie diet with 1000 calories more than their normal eating routine.
The group was divided into two subgroups: one ate a thousand extra calories for 5 days. The other one for 28 days.
The first subgroup did not gain weight, nor did they have metabolic alterations. This despite the fact that in 5 days the excess calories were typical of junk food. While the second subgroup that continued the diet for 4 weeks did. He gained just under 2 pounds by eating a thousand extra calories for 28 days.

Taking into account that it was a sample of healthy young adult males , translating the same experiment into a more generic sample, the study may indicate that a slight caloric increase of up to 400 or 500 calories for 5 days in a row does not lead to weight gain.
While if we continue to eat more, we obviously gain weight. 
This means that, if we do not overdo it at the table during the holidays or a mini-vacation, there is no need to go on a diet. Clearly a small weight swing can occur due to the increased volume of food in the stomach. But nothing that should lead us to fear of gaining weight.

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