How many calories do you burn while sleeping?

How many calories do you burn while sleeping?

Many people think that sleep is an activity that does not burn calories because it is lying in bed. In reality, there is obviously an energy expenditure even when we sleep, because we burn calories both to keep ourselves alive and precisely in the specific activity of sleep itself.
But how many calories you burn while sleeping have you ever wondered?
Well, you may not know it but there is a formula for calculating how many calories we burn while we sleep. If you’re curious, grab a calculator and you’ll find out.


First of all, in order to calculate how many calories you burn while sleeping, you need to know your basal metabolic rate, at least according to an estimate.
To find out, just enter your height, weight and gender here and click calculate, according to the Harris Benedict formula. 
Once we have our basal metabolic rate, divide it by 24. We will have the calories we burn on average for now just to keep us alive. At this point we multiply the result by the total number of hours of sleep (if we sleep seven hours a day by 7, if we sleep seven and a half hours, by 7.5). And then let’s multiply it by the coefficient 0.85. 

You will notice that a woman typically burns 350 to 450 calories, and in a man 450 to 550 calories while sleeping

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