The Metabolism Reset diet

The Metabolism Reset diet

The “Metabolism Reset” diet is a natural and flexible diet with only five rules.
Developed by dietician Kate Save , it is a dynamic and fast plan to improve health, digestion, the immune system and metabolism. In this way it is possible to lose 3-4 kilos per month without too many sacrifices.


The diet consists of only 5 rules to follow to lose 3-4 kilos per month.

  1. First rule: Eighty percent of carbohydrate calories must come from fruits and vegetables. This means, for simplicity, that eighty percent of your meals must be fruit or vegetables or both, and the remainder must be protein.
    Lunch and dinner can for example have:
    100 grams weighed from raw fish or lean meats or one hundred grams of legumes (weighed from boiled) or 30 grams from buckets.
    Alternatively: two small eggs, 100 grams of skimmed ricotta, 100 grams of cottage cheese or skimmed Greek yogurt, 100 grams of tofu or egg whites. The rest of the dish is cooked or raw vegetables, or two-thirds cooked vegetables and one-third fruit.
    The breakfastit must always include a protein food among those listed, and otherwise fruit. Snacks
    are based on fruit or vegetables. Added oils and fats must be a maximum of one and a half teaspoons per meal or 15 grams of fat in total from other sources as well (see rule 5).
  2. Second rule : the remaining twenty percent of the daily carbohydrates must come from grains, wholemeal pasta or brown rice, produced from wholemeal flour with natural leavening, tubers.
    Twenty percent means that about 200-400 maximum calories must come from these foods. A 25-gram slice of wholemeal bread is about 70 calories. So you can add a slice of bread for dinner or lunch, two tablespoons of rice or cooked pasta, a potato for lunch or dinner, 2 tablespoons of oat flakes for breakfast.
  3. Third rule : drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, including herbal teas.
  4. Fourth rule: take a probiotic in the afternoon or morning and afternoon. My advice is a probiotic well tolerated by all, with phage technology, like this one. Life Extension – FlorAssist GI with phage technology i.
  5. Fifth rule:   at least two or three portions of our foods must be among the anti-inflammatory ones. That is citrus fruits, red fruits, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados, dark chocolate or oil seeds / almonds (the latter must be included in meals for doses of maximum 15 grams of fat, including olive oil). Fats should not be cooked.

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