Dr. Calabrese’s diet for menopause: the menu

Dr. Calabrese’s diet for menopause: the menu

How to reduce the symptoms of menopause through nutrition?

Starting from the advice of Dr. Calabrese , I propose a diet menu for menopause which, thanks to the action of phyto-estrogens and a higher content of antioxidants and minerals, will allow you to better face this phase.

Doctor Calabrese advises those who are in menopause or are approaching menopause a visit to both the gynecologist and the endocrinologist.

While for nutrition it is necessary to make some changes, choosing some foods and limiting others.

Here is an example menu of a menopause diet that Dcomedieta has developed following its recommendations on foods, combinations and the integration of some antioxidant substances.
diet for menopause dr Calabrese

The menu is about 1300-1400 calories, designed for sedentary women with menopausal overweight problems.

You can obviously customize the plan, for example by adding a third snack and increasing the quantities of bread and pasta or cereals by 10-15 grams, as long as with whole foods.

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