Daily calorie requirement: how many calories to consume in order not to gain weight?

Daily calorie requirement: how many calories to consume in order not to gain weight?

What is the daily calorie requirement for a woman and a man?
We know that in general a woman must consume from 1800 to 2400 calories per day depending on the age group and physical activity, while the calories for a man range from 2100 to about three thousand calories always depending on age, height, weight and level. of physical activity.

DAILY CALORIE NEED: because it is subjective.

There is a problem though. These are generic estimates, therefore it is not certain that even if you are within parameters such as those established by the LARN that you can read here, you can remain within your weight even in the indicated requirements .

Your daily calorie requirement can be lower or higher than this data.

Some of the reasons why even with the same weight, height and level of physical activity or age, the calories you consume every day are subjective are related to your metabolism. For example, if you are a woman and you have been on a diet many times, it is likely that by taking in those calories even in the maintenance phase you risk gaining weight.

This is why it is important to use diets only to lose weight or only when we have definitely failed at the table (using them for two, three days or a week), but not to stay on a perennial diet in an attempt to stay at the weight reached. 
This behavior indicates that something is wrong.

Also, after you’ve been on a diet and maintenance, weight fluctuations in the first few weeks are normal. 
Going back on a diet thinking that you have done something wrong and never ending up on the diet is counterproductive.

In this article we will see a very practical scheme to understand our ideal caloric needs to stay on weight and not gain weight and how to get there if you have slowed your metabolism with drastic or too prolonged diets.


The easiest and fastest way to have a foundation to build on is to multiply your weight in kilos by thirty. The number obtained is the basic maintenance calories. For example, a sixty-pound woman will consume about 1800 calories.

And in fact, if I go to consult Larn’s calorie table, I find 1790 calories as the minimum daily limit for a short and inactive woman weighing about 60 kg (little, 57 kilos).
So as you can see this simple calculation is quite correct.

For a man, the result is likely to be too little. I suggest multiplying your weight by 32 or 33 and not by 30.

At this point, we use these calories as the basis of our diet, without counting the vegetables that can be eaten freely, especially if they belong to the following types: leafy vegetables, broccoli and sprouts, zucchini, cucumbers, mushrooms, celery, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, asparagus, raw fennel.

Coffee, tea, lemon juice, mustard, spices and herbs or vinegar should also not be considered in terms of calories.

Therefore, there is no need to include these foods in your daily calories. 
However, all other foods must be included.

So everything you eat apart from the exceptions I told you must fall within the number you get from the calculation at the beginning of the paragraph.

But what happens if you gain weight with these calories?

  • The first thing is to change your level of physical activity: first increasing the Neat , and then choosing an activity to do for a total of at least an hour and a half a week.
  • The second thing, if you go out of a diet that included 1200 or 1300 calories, is to increase the calories a little at a time, for example by 50 per week, until you reach the minimum number that I told you.
  • This process can take up to a couple of months, and will prevent you from seeing the scales go up and make you tempted to go back to a diet even if you have already reached your ideal weight.

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