The MED / LC Mediterranean diet dissolves liver fat

The MED / LC Mediterranean diet dissolves liver fat

A group of Israeli researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Negev, in Beer-Sheva, found that a type of Mediterranean diet called MDC / LC is more effective than a fat-free diet in reducing liver fat.

So let’s not talk about the traditional Mediterranean diet as many newspapers have written.

The MED / LC is a Mediterranean-type diet only for the choice of foods, but with a higher amount of protein and a very low carbohydrate content, from 40 grams in the shock phase to 70 in the maintenance phase.

By examining the levels of fat around the liver, the researchers found that this particular diet reduced it by 95% and therefore caused greater weight loss than a reduced-fat diet.

Participants lost around 3-5 kilos but mostly visceral and liver fat in particular.

This diet would solve non-alcoholic steatosis in overweight subjects.


However, there are four major limitations to the study.

  • On the one hand, the reduced-fat diet they compared against is not really a low-fat diet, as the allowable fat percentage per day was 30%.
    A low-fat diet usually allows you to take from 5 to a maximum of 25% of daily fat depending on whether it is very low fat (VLF diet) or low fat (LF Diet).
  • The second limitation is that in the case of the reduced-fat diet, the calories consumed were slightly more than in the group following the MED / LC (4% more), which makes the comparison between the two diets inaccurate in the long-term results.
  • Finally, the obese groups involved in the study did not eat meals prepared by the researchers to make sure they followed the diet to the letter. They were given simple directions on how to eat.
  • Finally, the study is funded by the Atkins Foundation .

As you can see for yourself these are significant limitations.
In any case, on page two we will find out more about the MED / LC Mediterranean diet that dissolves liver fat.

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