The diet that makes your brain lose weight

The diet that makes your brain lose weight

I guess nobody wants to reduce their brain capacity, right?

Yet a group of scientists led by Professor Nicholas Cherbuin has conducted a study that links our diet with brain health, talking about irreversible brain damage if we make the wrong choices.
Professor Cherbuin, researcher at the ANU Center for Research on Aging, Health and Wellbeing ,. published the results of his studies in the journal Recent Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology .

“We found strong evidence that poor eating habits and lack of physical activity over the long term put people at serious risk of developing both type 2 diabetes and significant cognitive decline, leading to dementia and decreased brain, ”said Cherbuin.

Basically, explains the researcher, those who are sedentary and eat fast food can gain weight in the rest of the body but lose weight the only thing they would not want to reduce in size and functionality: their brain.

Indeed, there is a link between the risk of type 2 diabetes and a decline in cognitive abilities.


Dr Cherbuin identifies three problems that would cause irreversible brain damage if carried on into middle age. After this deadline, any change in life may now be belated.

These are the characteristics of the diet that makes the brain lose weight.

  • High calorie
  • Associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
    Anyone who takes a stroll or bike ride once a week is sedentary. If he eats badly and too much, after twenty years he will have problems with increased body weight and risk of diabetes.
  • Rich in fast food or industrial foods.
    To be clear, Cherbuin identifies both an excess of sugars and fats as the problem of fast food foods. For example hamburger with fries, a milkshake or a cola with fried chicken or a rustic, etc. It is the mix of sugar and fat that causes the most addiction, with the study referring to the link between hyperglycemia and neurodegeneration. An industrial diet leads to hypothalamic degeneration, resulting in impaired insulin response and increased leptin. The more we eat foods rich in calories but poor in other nutrients, having a diet rich in sugars and fats (croissants, fries, pizzas, snacks) and the more we run the risk that blood sugar rises in the blood, without insulin can effectively reduce it. At the same time, these foods make you hungrier.

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