The link between vitamin D and being overweight starts with diet

The link between vitamin D and being overweight starts with diet

A very interesting study on the link between vitamin D and overweight has just come out.
We know that low levels of vitamin D in fact lead to overweight and in particular to the accumulation of fat around the waist and our vital organs. There are many explanations for this, but basically they start from a fact: obese or overweight people often have a deficiency of vitamin D.

That is, obesity leads to a deficiency of this vitamin. The other explanation is that supplementing vitamin D in overweight or obese people leads to weight loss , where it corrects a deficiency.

Okay, but why do people with extra pounds show a vitamin D deficiency upstream?
Aren’t they in the sun? Don’t they eat foods that support vitamin D production?
None of this. The link between vitamin D and overweight is enzymatic in origin, now explains a study. But that also tells us one more thing. The world we eat affects the absorption of vitamin D.


In fact, a new study on female mice has found that body fat inhibits the metabolism of vitamin D, affecting a liver enzyme, CYP2R1, which converts the absorbed vitamin D into calcidiol, which from there will lead to the production of calcitriol. , i.e. the active form of vitamin D in the body. By reducing the action of the enzyme, vitamin D does not become bioavailable and a deficiency is created.
But the researchers made a further discovery, practically by accident.

To fatten the mice they used a high-fat diet .
While conducting the experiment, they realized that vitamin D was significantly reduced already during the fattening diet phase , even before there was any weight change in the animals.
In essence, too many fatty acids, both consumed in the diet and present in the form of body fat, in both cases lead to a vitamin D deficiency. And this in turn increases the risk of gaining more weight.

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