The June diet to lose 3 kg in 15 days

The June diet to lose 3 kg in 15 days

Question: What do the summer months give us apart from heat, mosquitoes and crowded beaches?
They give us lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables to focus on to lose weight.

And in this article we see how to lose 3 kg in 15 days thanks to a special June diet that will allow us to arrive at the beach more toned, and which can be continued for a maximum of two more weeks to get rid of that excess size that we drag ourselves from. ‘winter. For a total of 5-6 kg of weight lost.

Obviously, greater results are always obtained by combining a little physical activity with the dietary protocol: walking every day for at least an hour; do high-intensity exercises for 10-20 minutes a day, go to the gym. Depending on how much time we have available, we set up a training program to lose more weight.

June’s plan to lose 3 kg in 15 days is based on a simple and flexible scheme.

Rules and maintenance of the June diet

We can do this diet for up to 4 weeks.
You need to drink 2 liters of water a day, including 6 glasses from morning to before lunch.
We reduce the salt to a pinch.
From the end of the diet, we increase the pasta to 50-60 grams and the bread to 60-70 grams for lunch.
After two weeks, a free meal is ok.


  • Before breakfast.

    A glass of mineral water with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of malted rice or barley.
    With its supply of mineral salts including manganese , malt boosts the immune system and is perfect with lemon juice. It also has a low glycemic index.

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