The real diet of Marilyn Monroe, explained by herself

The real diet of Marilyn Monroe, explained by herself

Marilyn Monroe’s diet explained by the actress herself in a previously unpublished document! Could I ever miss it? No!!!
On the contrary, I was very fond of reading this unpublished interview by Marilyn Monroe , which was published in the September issue of Pageant magazine in 1952, in an article entitled ” How I keep fit “, in which the famous actress is portrayed in bed while eats his breakfast and explains his diet. Interview that has only recently been found, thanks to a scoop from Elle magazine. It turns out from the interview that Monroe didn’t really care too much about her physical appearance, i.e. that she didn’t have special diets or paid attention to the scales .. Instead, his main concern, he explained, was to eat enough food so as not to waste away too much between auditions.

Marilyn Monroe’s diet was in fact tremendously simple: in the morning in the hotel she warmed up a cup of whole milk, in which she then poured two raw eggs, stirring quickly. She then she drank this kind of smoothie while she got dressed and prepared, taking it along with a multivitamin. She never went out to eat because she didn’t like doing it. She preferred to go to the supermarket, buy herself a steak and cook it herself in a pan. Along with the steak, lots of raw carrots. Otherwise, she ate liver or stewed lamb, boiled in a saucepan, always with 3-4 raw carrots. She then had an ice cream with caramel topping in the evening, which she said she could afford as she only ended up eating protein during the day. She exercised every day for a few minutes:toning exercises for the arms with 2 kg weights, abdominals and exercises for the waist.
“I suppose it’s a good thing that you eat very simply throughout the day,” explained the actress.a

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