The diet of happiness by Lucia Bacciottini

The diet of happiness by Lucia Bacciottini


The diet of happiness: how to lose weight thanks to the strategy devised by doctor Lucia Bacciottini , biologist and nutritionist, who with her new book ” The diet of happiness ” illustrates an easy and healthy solution to lose weight.
What is the method proposed by the doctor? The happiness diet is a strategy known as the volumetric diet , which has recently returned to the fore thanks to scientific studies that have confirmed its effectiveness: you eat more, you get satisfied easily thanks to the right food combinations, which include foods low in calories but high in fiber and “volume” to replace foods that are more dense in calories.
Dr. Bacciottini’s diet of happiness is therefore an anti-hunger diet : you eat more, but you lose weight thanks to foods low in calories which, however, also have a high satiating power. Let’s see in detail what it consists of: also in this case Dcomedieta has read the book for you!

1) Calculate the right portions of food: to do this, the doctor has developed a kit of plates and bowls that teach how to calculate the right doses of food in a personalized way. But she also explains in the book how to do it with dishes and containers that we have at home.For example: the American coffee cup can be used to dose cereals, fruit and yogurt. The cup of coffee allows us to dose the condiments. The dessert plate can be useful for measuring the right amount of meat and fish but also for taking away the whim of something sweet. In this way we learn to dose the ingredients correctly, focusing on more filling foods and reducing the less satisfying ones. And we don’t give up on any food.
2) A purifying diet for those who want to lose weight quickly: in the book, in addition to the volumetric method, the doctor explains how to follow a purifying diet to quickly lose the first extra pounds.

3) How to reduce the sense of hunger: what it comes from and how to get around the mechanisms of hunger. The doctor explains what nervous hunger is and she explains how our sense of hunger works. This way we will know how to limit it.
4) How to increase the sense of satiety: in the same way, there are techniques to increase the sense of satiety. For example, starting with a plate of vegetables for lunch and dinner, followed by proteins, including vegetables, pasta or rice and condiments. But combinations also matter. If we eat more protein, we can eat more fat and lose weight: if we eat carbohydrates, watch out for fats (known as the Randle Effect).
Recommended? Yup.If you suffer from excessive hunger and are unable to stay on a diet because you find it too great a sacrifice, with The Happiness Diet  you will be able to eat everything and be satisfied first in a very simple, scientifically proven and non-restrictive way.

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