The FDA simplifies nutrition labels

The FDA simplifies nutrition labels



Dcomedieta had already spoken years ago about the big limitation of nutritional labels in the article “ Does eating between meals make you fat? “And obviously I was right. There has always been a big problem with nutrition labels, namely that of portions. Often the recommended servings of certain foods do not reflect the actual consumption of those foods, and people have no idea of ​​the calories they are consuming with actual consumption.

I’ll give you a practical example. Let’s take Nutella. The recommended portion is only 15 grams, but in practice with a spoon full of Nutella it already reaches 30 grams.

The noodles in the jars where you need to add water are two servings per jar, not one.
Have you ever noticed? I think not.
Of a sweet snack, such as a small chocolate snack pack, the recommended daily serving is one-half or one-third of the snack.

This is a problem, because people often mistake the calories from the recommended serving for real ones. Nobody eats half a jar of instant noodles.

Nobody knows exactly what the recommended portion of cookies (two or three) corresponds to in calories. I once bought a 50 gram chocolate bar, where the calories were big. But looking closely, those prominent calories accounted for only half of the product, which is 25 grams.

And what about puddings, spoon creams, single packaged ice creams or other things? Often the calories in evidence are per 100 grams, but perhaps the package is 125 or 135 grams.

The FDA has discovered what is obviously a flaw. Yes, because if I knew exactly how many calories I consume with the real portion of a food, I would immediately realize that this is much more caloric than what I initially thought. But companies have no interest in letting me reduce the consumption of their products, so I will always find the calories of the recommended daily portion in full evidence.

Well from today, starting with the United States, we will have a nice change of course. Here’s how food nutrition labels will change. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 2)

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