Low testosterone low fat diet the worst

Low testosterone low fat diet the worst



A very important study established a correlation between men following a low-fat diet and men following a Mediterranean diet with low animal protein and reduced testosterone.

To suffer from low testosterone, that is less than 300 ng / dL, would be these categories of men compared to others who do not make a restrictive diet neither in fats nor in animal proteins.

In short, science seems to overturn the judgment of the famous documentary on the vegan diet The game Changers , where athletes who changed their diet and became vegan had higher testosterone levels.

Probably testosterone both in those who eat low animal proteins and in those on a low-fat diet is progressively reduced over the long term.


The study , conducted by Dr. Fantus, in fact examined over 3,000 male individuals who had been following a certain dietary style for years. Fantus suggests that a low-fat diet is useful for heavily overweight individuals who need to lose weight, but for men who have a good body weight and want to raise their testosterone, reducing fat and reducing animal protein could be counterproductive.

However, the difference is not very great. There is talk of a reduction of 30 ng / dL. Basically, if a man already has low testosterone, this difference is significant, and he should review his diet. If a man has good or average testosterone levels, those 30 nanograms won’t make a difference.

Conversely, if a man is obese, weight loss, obtained in any way, tends to raise his testosterone levels anyway.

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