The Dutch diet: lose weight with more flavor

The Dutch diet: lose weight with more flavor

The Dutch diet or Dutch Diet is one of the latest diets that according to a scientific research from the University of Rotterdam is linked to lower body weight but greater health and well-being, particularly on a cognitive level: people who follow a diet comparable to the Dutch diet in fact, they have greater brain mass, and a better brain composition. Since the brain is one of the organs that consumes the most calories (up to 20% of the daily requirement on average) and in particular more sugar, those who follow the Dutch diet are more likely to stay fit by increasing their energy expenditure .
Are there any differences between the Dutch and the Mediterranean diet? Yes, even if few. Meals are small and frequent, more carbohydrates and cheeses are consumed: this makes the Dutch diet ideal for those looking for a more satisfying and satiating diet. In fact, cheeses are among those foods characterized by the “umami” taste, the only one capable of fighting nervous hunger and acting on the sense of satiety.
But how to combine this type of diet with a weight loss scheme? On page two we see the Dutch diet in eucaloric and low-calorie versions

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