The dietician, who he is and what he does

The dietician, who he is and what he does

The dietician  is the figure who is responsible for  elaborating, formulating and implementing the diets in accordance with the doctor’s opinion and checks their acceptability by the patient. Let’s find out better.

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What the dietician does

That of dietician is a technical-health profession: it organizes and coordinates specific activities relating to nutrition in general and dietetics in particular; collaborates with the bodies responsible for protecting the health and hygiene aspect of the food service.

The dietician elaborates, formulates and implements the diets prescribed by the doctor and checks their acceptability by the patient; collaborates with other figures in the multidisciplinary treatment of eating disorders ; it studies and elaborates the composition of food rations suitable for satisfying the nutritional needs of population groups and plans the organization of the feeding services of healthy and sick communities.

Furthermore, it carries out didactic-educational and information activities aimed at spreading the principles of nutrition that allow the recovery and maintenance of a good state of health of the individual, of the community and of population groups.


Become a dietician

To become a dietician you need a three-year degree in Dietetics from the Faculty of Medicine . 


The profession of dietician in Italy and abroad

In Italy there are three main professional categories that deal with nutrition:

  • dietician  (a specialist in nutrition, is the most complete professional figure)
  • dietician (food technician, subordinate to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment)
  • nutritionist  (professional recognized by the state, provides advice and information)

In English- speaking countries and in some European countries, on the other hand, the terminology exemplifies only two macro categories (for further details see Dietitian ):

  • dietitian (medical specialist in nutrition)
  • dietetic technicians (food technician)
  • nutritionist (professional without educational and regulatory credentials)



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Useful resources on the profession of dietician

  • ANDID (National Association of Dietitians)
  • ADITALIA (Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition)
  • Health food information site , to be recommended

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