Feng Shui consultant, who he is and what he does

Feng Shui consultant, who he is and what he does

The Feng Shui consultant  aims to make the energy of qi flow harmoniously  between the spaces. Let’s find out better.

>   What does the Feng Shui consultant  do

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>   Useful resources for the craft of the Feng Shui consulent 

Feng Shui


What does the Feng Shui consultant do

The Feng Shui consultant has the skills to be able to make the energy of qi flow harmoniously between the spaces. Feng Shui is not about hanging objects or placing aquariums left and right. It is not magic, delusion or self-belief. It is not a religion. It is not a philosophy or pure speculation, it is not part of the New Age, it is not a set of recipes for getting rich or finding a boyfriend. It is not a style of furniture. Feng Shui is knowing how to recognize the breath of Nature and harmonize with it.

Feng Shui can be and is often conceived as an integration of the principles (and studies) of green architecture , or sustainable architecture or green building.


How to become a Feng Shui consultant

The only course for university Feng Shui consultants in Italy is the one organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ferrara.

The Feng Shui course , recognized by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), is aimed at all graduates and graduates, has a duration of 9 weekends for a total of 200 hours, including lectures, study trips and activities of workshops, at the end of which a certificate of attendance is issued.


Learn more about the benefits and contraindications of Feng Shui

Feng shui



  • The Feng Shui master , initially, was only available to the Chinese emperor and worked in great secrecy so that his knowledge was not disclosed and squandered. He was also an astronomer, physician, philosopher, diviner, etc. and his knowledge was handed down from teacher to pupil. The Feng Shui master applied this ancient knowledge to man, to his home, to better exploit natural resources, for agriculture, for personal defense, for war strategy, and much more.
  • Today it is believed that the compass , known as “the quadrant” ( lo-phan ), was presumably born as a function of Feng Shui.


Useful resources on the profession of Feng Shui consultant

  • National Institute of bio-architecture , private structure that organizes seminars and courses 
  • National Association of Biological Architecture (ANAB) 
  • Sustainable architecture by Reteambiente
  • Selection of Feng Shui books

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