Plenity is here, the pill that reduces hunger in the obese

Plenity is here, the pill that reduces hunger in the obese

The FDA has approved Plenity , a weight loss supplement that will be sold as a drug, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Genesis.

The approval for the first time came in record time, this is because Plenity has an important advantage over other weight loss pills.


It is not an anorectic, but a drug that acts on the feeling of hunger in the intestine through a unique fiber compound, and therefore does not have the same disadvantages that many weight loss pills have so far reported, such as the increased risk of depression and psychological problems. Plenity, which would be sold to obese people by prescription and not as an overweight treatment, works very differently.

It is in fact produced with a pluri -absorbent hydrogel , based on cellulose, to which citric acid is added.
The mix means that if the pill is taken before a meal with water it swells in the stomach, taking up some of the space, making it impossible to eat more food . In fact, Plenity increases its volume by a hundred times in the intestine, where it would then act as an insoluble fiber.

The other reason the FDA approved the Plenity trade is the study confirming its effectiveness. This is a double-blind study, which involved 400 patients with a body mass index from 27 to 40. Therefore patients with severe overweight and first and second degree obesity.

People who took Plenity along with a diet plan and a prescription to exercise lost 6.5% of their body weight in 6 months . To be clear, a person weighing one hundred kilos would have lost an average of 7 kilos. But almost thirty percent of the participants lost more weight, or more than ten percent, therefore more than ten kilos.
To be effective, it should be taken in three capsules with a large glass of water before meals.

The rapid approval by the FDA will ensure that Plenity will soon arrive in Europe as well.

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