The diet of the singer Noemi and how she trains

The diet of the singer Noemi and how she trains

The singer Noemi would have lost weight, even a lot judging from how she appeared at the Sanremo Festival, from the photos that appeared on her Instagram profile and on the covers of newspapers.
She had already lost weight years ago in view of her marriage to Gabriele Greco, her bass player.

Now, after the quarantine she is among the characters of the show, like Adele , who appeared to the general public much thinner. More than 15 kilos, as her nutritionist said.

The secret of the new slimmed Noemi?

If before marriage she had followed a dissociated diet, today Noemi has added a high-intensity workout, Tabata , to a healthy and moderate diet .
And she has revised her eating habits focusing on balance and a balanced but not restrictive diet.

Thanks to a long work carried out with Dr. Monica Germani, her new Di lei nutritionist.
Doctor Germani bases her approach on moderation at the table without demonizing food and on a personalization of the diet thanks to the DNA test. We talked about her Meta Diet here. 


Noemi is among the stars who during the 2020 quarantine made a total transformation of their physique: I had already talked about the case of Adele and Mauro Coruzzi (Platinette).

As in the case of other VIPs, Noemi also said she lost weight to get back to feeling good about herself.

Although it is not possible to have a specific menu of the new diet that following the singer Noemi now, two years ago to prepare for the wedding she chose a regime of about 1200 calories .

Now, however, he follows a flexible diet , combining training with greater dietary balance. Below is an example.


For a woman like Noemi, with a daily requirement of 1800/2000 calories, a 1300-1400 calorie diet allows you to lose 2 to 3 kilos per month.

But if you add the Tabata workout, you lose at least two extra pounds per month.

The name of this workout may say little to those who are not fitness experts, but we have all heard about HIIT training, of which the Tabata is just one type.

HIIT workouts allow you to lose weight by dedicating a few minutes to physical activity. Below I explain how.

Therefore, associated with a low-calorie diet, they are the ideal workout to lose many more kilos than with diet alone, stimulating the metabolism and thus burning more calories.

So it is not surprising that Noemi has lost 15 kilos.
The secret was also to train.

the 1200 calorie diet of singer noemi

The photo we see above proves it: this was Noemi after dieting alone in 2018.
A good result without a doubt, but there is no comparison with the body she sports now that she has included training.
A dry and healthy physique that we can see below.


After the diet plan we will see youtube links of free Tabata workouts that can help us.

Below we see a pattern similar to the one that allowed Noemi to lose weight : flexible, balanced and nourishing.

The doctor who followed Noemi in this new path also gives some advice to those who want to lose weight.

  • No diets that are too drastic in relation to one’s energy needs.
  • No to the exclusion of carbohydrates.
  • We try not to overturn our habits at the table but we learn to make nutritious meals and change our eating style little by little.
  • We learn to play cunning with a compensatory meal if we plan a dinner or lunch out.
  • For those who cannot prepare a lunch at home because they work outside, opt for lunch for a simple toast, a smoothie and some almonds at the end of the meal or two or three walnuts.


125 grams of low-fat white yogurt with a tablespoon of muesli with dried fruit or with a wholemeal toast and a teaspoon of jam with no added sugar.
A glass of pomegranate juice or citrus juice.
A cup of green tea with a pinch of honey or a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Snack. Seasonal fruit (100-150 grams) * unsweetened + 2-3 almonds. Alternatively, a vegetable juice or smoothie (like cucumbers) and fruit (like half a pear) to which you can add fresh mint or ginger.  

Lunch. A moderate dish (for example 50 grams) of wholemeal pasta or brown rice with vegetables of your choice and a teaspoon of olive oil to which we can combine a little protein, for example a ladle of legumes or a little lean ricotta after a meal or shellfish, such as clams or mussels. Alternatively, a soup of only legumes (for example, with a drizzle of oil, tomato or other vegetables), and two slices of wholemeal toasted bread.
At the end of the meal with a walnut or two or a square of dark chocolate. 

Snack. A low-fat yogurt with a chopped kiwi or other low-sugar fruit.

Dinner. A protein dish: two fried eggs, or fresh fish (120-150 g) such as octopus, sea bream, sea bass , or a small carpaccio of bresaola or a slice of about one hundred grams of chicken / turkey / pork loin . We accompany the dish with a small wholemeal sandwich, a large slice of rye bread or slices of barley, a small baked potato. 
Abundant side dish of vegetables and a teaspoon or two of oil to season everything. A cube of dark chocolate or 2 almonds.

* indicative amounts for a 1350 calorie diet.


Click on the links below for free examples of Tabata workouts to do at home.

You should know that this workout often involves jumps, so the last two examples are Tabata workouts without jumps that are ideal for those with joint problems or a beginner.

Finally, Tabata training is contraindicated in people suffering from metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular problems.
In the first case, as well as asking the doctor how to behave, it is good to start gradually: walking, a few hours of exercise with weights at home and only when some values ​​have dropped, in addition to the kilos, the Tabata. In the second, it is always good to ask a doctor what type of physical activity to perform

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