Omega3: no heart benefit according to WHO

Omega3: no heart benefit according to WHO

meta -analysis promoted by the WHO, or the World Health Organization, and conducted in collaboration with the famous Cochrane , a non-profit organization for studies and clinical practice, seems to decree the end of Omega3 as supplements for cardiovascular health, heart, and for the reduction of the risk of serious diseases and the improvement of life expectancy.

The meta-analysis, conducted on a sample of 112,000 people followed in 12 months, and which collects all the major studies on Omega3 up to one year after their intake (79 studies), demonstrates how Omega3s have a minimal or even insignificant effect on reduction of cardiovascular health risks, and which do not bring benefits to the heart.

Same thing, or lack of benefits, against all mortality risks. The only omega-3s to have a minimal effect on cardiovascular health would be ALAs , but even here their benefits on life expectancy and the reduction of serious cardiovascular events, such as heart attack or stroke, are uncertain. While EPAs and DHAs may have mild effects on triglycerides, supplementation is useless. 
Similarly, by analyzing the amount of data, the researchers found that Omega3s have no benefit on weight loss and body fat reduction , as has often been hypothesized: same thing for cholesterol and dyslipidemia. The authors of the research explain this very clearly ( source), underlining that that conduct is the most extensive and detailed meta-analysis on the benefits of Omega3 as supplements. But even the consumption of fish would not give benefits for its Omega3: even in this case, the researchers point out that there are slight and not significant benefits on cardiovascular health.

A heavy blow to the business that has been created over the years on Omega3s, recommended in many diets and by many professionals, even against cholesterol. The research will be used by the WHO to review guidelines on polyunsaturated fats in the diet. 

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