The crystal children

The crystal children

Indigo children hear and see according to an intuition similar to clairvoyance and pave the way for the crystal children, who, taking us by the hand, walk with the universe towards new systems …

The crystal children

Where does the definition crystal children come from?

The definition of crystal children comes from Doreen Virtue. Writer, psychotherapist and clairvoyant , former founder of Angel therapy , or a form of alternative therapy based on interaction with angels, a few years ago she announced the advent of a new generation of children following the indigo one, called crystal children. , and wrote a book about it, The Crystal Children .

Why are they called crystal children?

Crystal or crystalline children are so called because of the crystalline color of their aura , speaking of them we enter the infinite universe of the energy of the body and bodies. It is a particular field of emanations that of crystal children, an opalescent and crystalline field, multicolored and with pastel shades, which some say they are able to see. Apparently, crystal children may seem like all other children, but if you get to know them more closely you will notice some peculiarities. First of all, they are  children fascinated by rocks and crystals . Also, as Doreen Virtue herself wrote,“The first thing most people notice about the Crystal Children is their eyes, large, penetrating and wise beyond their age . Their eyes enchant and hypnotize you as you realize that your soul is being laid bare for the child to see. (…) They are happy, delightful and forgiving. This generation of new “Lightworkers” ranges in age from 0 to 7, and is different from all previous generations. Ideal in many ways, they are the ones who point to what humanity is heading … and that’s a good direction! “

Crystal children were born from 2000 onwards , crystallines are thought to be children of indigo children. Temperamentally they are very peaceful and vulnerable, they represent a powerful force of love and peace for the Planet. In reality it seems that there are not many crystal children, because humanity must be ready to receive them. Crystals are extremely powerful children, whose main purpose, according to the theories of Virtue and other authors such as Celia Fenn, author of The Indigo-Crystal Adventure , is to lead mankind to a next evolutionary level, revealing powers and inner divinities.

Crystal children are guided by a group consciousness, universal , not individual, in fact they live according to the “Consciousness of Unity”. For this reason, they are said to be able to communicate even telepathically or non-verbally, and they start talking later than other children, around the age of 3 or 4. Crystal children have often been approached to autistic children , due to their particular way of communicating.

What differentiates crystal children from indigo children?

“First, the indigo children lead the way with a machete, cutting all that is lacking in integrity, then the crystal children follow the cleared path, to lead us to a safer world”, this is what Virtue reports in its text . The terms “Indigo” and “Crystal” have been attributed to these two generations because they more accurately describe their auric colors and energy patterns.

Indigo children , who have the color of the “third eye chakra” located between the eyebrows, are considered clairvoyant children .

Crystal children , on the other hand, are designed to lead the way in evolutionary change . The indigo children sweep away the old systems, the crystal children lead us by the hand to the new ones.

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