Meditation for good sleep

Meditation for good sleep

We have reached the end of our day, our nest welcomes us, but at other times it rejects us: let’s see together some basic meditation techniques to sleep well and fight insomnia in a completely natural way

Meditation for good sleep

Sleep well: it’s not for everyone!

Here we are at the fateful moment of the day, when we find ourselves with ourselves, tired, exhausted, perhaps angry, sad or excited. In short, it is the moment in which everything we have experienced in twelve or more hours appears to us as if in a flash, then, suddenly, with equal speed, he disappears captured by sleep and gives up all resistance to Morpheus. Or so it should be.

Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Not for all. In fact, there are people who find the moment of sleep a distressing moment , in which worries overlap and weigh, in which the chill of fears and suffering penetrates to the bones and marrow and makes them feel fragile and defenseless. For these and other reasons they do not sleep, they cannot fall asleep and insomnia ensues . For these people and, in general, to favor that delicate moment that is abandoning oneself to sleep, meditation has developed practices that relax mind and body and which, if performed constantly, allow the body to indulge in a satisfying sleep. and conciliator, following their rhythms.

You can learn more about the tips, positions and natural remedies to sleep well

Here’s how to prepare for sleep

First of all, to welcome the waves of sleep and relax, you can listen to some meditation music : music modifies the mood, relaxes the senses and muscles and is able to eliminate tension. You can hear artificially reproduced relaxing sounds, or even sounds that come from nature , such as rain, birdsong, the sound of water.

Secondly, meditation also comes to our aid thanks to the technique of visualization . Lie down on your back with your hands along your body. Feel your body sinking heavily between the sheets and the mattress, while you focus on a relaxing image, an image that for you is synonymous with calm, relaxation, peace.

For example, think of the body lying on a towel, feel the pleasant contact with the warm sand, the scent of the sea and the lulling sound of the waves.

Or watch yourself don rubber boots and stroll through a forest that smells of moss and wet grass, accompanied by a light drizzle and birdsong. Try to really see yourselves, in this way, it will also benefit the imagination, which we too often forget we have.

If this is still not enough to make you sleep, then also try some Ayurvedic breathing exercises . Lie down in bed with the light off, concentrate on regular, deep breathing for a few seconds; thank you for all the experiences you have had since the past day; stay aware of your deep breathing and look for the most comfortable position.

The hands gently placed on the chest or abdomen help to instill a sense of security , if you are restless or if you feel a feeling of fear. Remember that this is a passage of energy that will pass.

Allow your body to descend into deep breathing, typical of restful sleep. Watch with your mind’s eye as the air slowly enters your body, passes through your nose, fills your lungs and swells your abdomen. Slowly exhale and observe all the way the air takes to leave your body. Try to breathe as deeply and slowly as possible.

NB Help yourself with something else: before going to sleep, eat a nutritious but not heavy meal and dedicate yourself a good herbal tea: herbal, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic remedies can be valid allies.

Among the various relaxation techniques there is also Yoga Nidra , literally the yoga of sleep, a practice that comes from Mahanirvana tantra and allows you to completely relax the body and mind through apparent sleep.

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