The chef’s Italian slimming diet conquers the British

The chef’s Italian slimming diet conquers the British

His name is Gino D’Acampo, and he is a chef from Campania, author of cookbooks that have become best-sellers in Great Britain. Known for his television appearances in programs such as This Morning and the success of his British restaurants, Chef D’Acampo recently wrote a new book, The Italian Diet , with the participation of British dietician Juliette Kellow.

Book that with its recipes inspired by the Mediterranean tradition is gaining great popularity .

But what is the book about?
It is a book with one hundred recipes inspired by the Italian culinary tradition but with dietary and low-calorie ingredients.
And two diet plans, one for 1500 and the other for 2000 calories, to lose weight in health. But this is not simply a book for weight loss. This is a book that aims to teach you about the best habits aimed at weight loss.
For all those who live abroad but want to eat in the Mediterranean style, here’s where to buy the book.

The suggested 1500 calorie plan of the Italian Diet for example is the following.


A 150-calorie reduced-fat breakfast.
Example: a Fitness cereal bar (89 calories) or a 200 gram fruit such as orange, apple, pear + 125 grams of low-fat yogurt + coffee / tea.
A lunch of about 450 calories.
Example: A portion of meatballs with simple sauce.
A 400 calorie dinner.
Example: A portion of onions stuffed with dried tomatoes + a portion of baked sardines with lemon and capers.
Snack with a small portion of dessert or fruit (150-200 calories).
The recommended foods are: fruit, vegetables, lean meat from chicken or veal, fish, olive oil, and finally rice or spaghetti cooked al dente or wholemeal. On page two we see for example the light tiramisu with ricotta according to the recipe of chef D’Acampo.

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