Lose 4 pounds with the metabolic reset diet

Lose 4 pounds with the metabolic reset diet

The Metabolic Reset Diet is a 100% natural weight loss diet, averaging one pound per week.

Ideal for those who want to lose 4 kilos a month effectively, this diet combines a very easy weight loss plan with two mini workouts to do during the week , which will only take you a few minutes.
It can be put on for two months to lose 8 kg in total.


Weight loss plan to be followed for at least 6 days a week, with the possibility of a free meal instead of lunch or dinner on the seventh day.


  • 200 ml of vegetable almond or coconut milk with no added sugar or skim milk or 125 ml of low-fat white yogurt with 30 grams of organic muesli + a coffee or tea with stevia.
  • Alternatively: 40 grams of rolled oats cooked in a glass of plant-based milk with no added sugar, coffee or tea with stevia.

Snack: 150 grams of fruit including melon, kiwi, pineapple, apple, pear, peach, orange or mandarins.

A portion of light minestrone without legumes or potatoes with a teaspoon of oil or a vegetable cream obtained by blending 250 grams of boiled vegetables in a cup of broth + a teaspoon of oil.
Alternatively, salad with 300 grams of mixed raw vegetables + a teaspoon of oil.
One large hard-boiled organic egg or 80 grams of drained legumes in a jar (from glass jar) or 80 grams of chicken, turkey or veal.

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