The challenge to lose weight in January

The challenge to lose weight in January

We are in January, the holidays have passed and you are striving to adhere to the good intentions that you have forced yourself to follow, but the desire to start is still latent. In addition, there are tons of diets and you have unclear ideas about what can really work. So I decided to offer you a challenge to lose weight in January of only 15 days. The challenge can be replicated for another two weeks, and will significantly contribute to making you change your eating and lifestyle habits without much effort.

With this challenge to lose weight in January by Dcomedieta you can lose 3 kg, reduce the craving for sweets and sugars, reduce food addiction. Conceived on the basis of the advice of Dr. Lisa Moskovitz , nutritionist of the New York Nutrition Group, the challenge to lose weight in January allows you to have immediate results but at the same time to maintain them with a very simple plan that will then be the healthy basis of your diet during the course. of the year.

As in any challenge, also in this case there are rules, precisely 3.

Let’s see what it’s about.


No alcohol.
No to sugar, which you can replace with stevia.
It is necessary to do thirty minutes of physical activity a day, which can also be divided for those who have little time in two small workouts of 15 minutes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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