Dr. Greger’s diet of 12 to lose 10 kilos

Dr. Greger’s diet of 12 to lose 10 kilos

Doctor Michael Greger, physicist and nutritionist, has devised a diet that works for weight loss because it avoids nutritional deficiencies and promotes a good metabolism at the same time.

He called it ” Daily Dozen ” (the daily dozen) which I have translated here as Diet of 12.

In essence, it is a very simple diet for those who want to lose weight without effort, which includes 12 types of foods to eat every day.

With this diet you can lose about 3-4 kilos per month, and after three months be 10 kilos light. Best of all, it’s easy to maintain results because you understand which foods to choose to stay at the right weight.
Let’s see it together.


As I said, 12 different types of foods are eaten every day.
In the slimming phase, here are the foods and portions.

Please note: portions do not mean that we have to eat one per meal, especially for vegetables. The important thing is not to exceed the daily quota. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 )

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