The Bulletproof 30 diet to lose weight in one month

The Bulletproof 30 diet to lose weight in one month

The Bulletproof 30 diet is a variation of the famous Bulletproof diet of the entrepreneur Dave Asprey, famous for having created the fat-burning coffee with butter and for having lost several kilos without taking them back with a ketogenic approach. What does it mean?

The Bulletproof Diet is a diet that favors foods high in fat for weight loss, and low in carbohydrates.
Dave Asprey recently launched the Bulletproof 30 project.
Thirty days to lose weight with the Bulletproof method, and then maintain the results by slightly raising the carbohydrates, but continuing with a low carb approach which, like the famous Panzironi Life 120 diet , does not it should be more abandoned.
Therefore, consider very carefully if the low carb and keto regimen is suitable for you, and consult your doctor before choosing this or another plan.

However, the maintenance phase allows you to reach a minimum amount of carbohydrates that allows you to avoid health problems, therefore according to Asprey’s new approach, the programmed Bulletproof is safer.

Let’s see what the Bulletproof 30 diet is.


  • Rules.
    The Bulletproof 30 diet is based on a series of yes and no foods, which will be eliminated starting from the first week. Another very important thing is the quality of the foods that are brought to the table. Grass-fed locally farmed meat, free-range eggs, zero-kilometer fruit and vegetables, local and non-farmed fish, good fats, no industrial products. Let’s see the list of foods.
  • FOODS GRANTED. Meat, fish, eggs, shellfish and shellfish, coconut oil, TCM oil, quality butter, ghee or ghee, cocoa butter (for desserts), leafy greens, vegetables (in phase three), sprouted legumes, fruit low in sugar, cheeses made from raw milk (in moderation) or from goat / cow or grazing sheep milk, coconut milk, avocado, a little extra virgin olive oil, sweet potatoes or rice (in phase three). One teaspoon of rice flour is allowed for sweet or savory preparations, but in phase three, etritol, stevia and xylitol as zero-calorie sweeteners.
  • FOOD NOT ALLOWED. All others, including cereals, cereal products (biscuits, bread), omega6 fats (from nuts, dried fruit, seeds, vegetable oils other than coconut), sweeteners, sugary fruits, tubers, milk and dairy products.
    Let’s see how much weight you lose with the Bulletproof diet and how to do the Bulletproof 30.

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