A citrus detox day

A citrus detox day

Developed by nutritionist Dr. Sara Ciastellardi for Starbene magazine , the Citrus Detox One-Day Diet is a one-day detoxifying and anti-inflammatory regimen.

A quick way to deflate quickly, get more vitamin C, help our intestines and liver, get the metabolism going again. These are the reasons why I chose it for my readers.

If we have followed a disordered diet and want to start a new path, we can do one to two days of this citrus detox, then proceed with a moderately low-calorie and very healthy diet like the anti-inflammatory diet that I propose here.

Let’s start immediately with the citrus detox of Dr. Ciastellardi, nutritionist and homeopath in Pisa and Livorno (you can contact her here ).


  • Before breakfast.

    Upon awakening we follow this recipe. In 150 ml of warm water, add the juice and grated zest of an organic lemon. If you are sensitive to lemon, make half the juice. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach.

  • Breakfast.

  • 150 ml of kefir milk or other fermented milk (you can find kefir in all supermarkets) + a slice of 25 or 30 grams of toasted wholemeal bread.
  • Snack.

    Grapefruit, apple and almond smoothie. Blend a yellow grapefruit with a green apple and 10 almonds. The average weight of each fruit can be around 150 grams. If yellow grapefruit is too sour for you, try replacing it with 150 grams of pink grapefruit. Grapefruit is best suited for purifying the liver. If you can’t find it, replace it with 150ml of sugar-free grapefruit juice.

  • Lunch.

  • 70 grams of wholemeal pasta (brown rice is fine too) with vegetables of your choice or vegetables sautéed in a pan with a teaspoon of oil, herbs and spices of your choice.
  • A plate of raw baby spinach seasoned with lemon juice and a little salt.
  • To drink: 150 ml of water plus the juice of one grapefruit (or 100 ml of grapefruit juice).
  • Snack: a banana (120 grams maximum)

  • Dinner.

  • A portion of steamed sole (about 250 grams), seasoned with lemon juice and parsley. As an alternative to sole I suggest cod or hake.
  • Fennel and grapefruit (or orange) salad with a fennel, a diced grapefruit, a teaspoon of oil.

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