The best diets for weight loss in May

The best diets for weight loss in May


May is the month when people start dieting for the summer. But we still have time to avoid resorting to last-minute crash diets.
And the smartest way is to choose a diet that allows us both a weight loss and a maintenance phase so as not to regain the weight lost. Here are the best diets to lose weight in May.

What are the best diets for weight loss in May?

  • Understandably, for those who start losing weight in May and want to be in better shape in July or August, the weight loss diets to choose cannot make you lose more than 4-5 pounds per month.

If we do it for two months, this allows us a weight loss of 8-10 kilos, and also a maintenance period before going on vacation.

  • Another possible choice is to do the diet-stop-diet , which I recommend for those with 5-6 kilos to lose for July, or an intermittent diet in May and June.
    That is to choose a 15-day diet like the ones I will show you, stop on a maintenance diet for 15 days, resume the diet and then the maintenance. This option is also ideal if you want to lose weight safely. In this article we see both hypotheses.

As always, I remind you to talk to your doctor before making your chosen diet.



  1. The South Beach Supercharged Diet.

    A phased diet, which allows you to lose up to 20 kilos in case of severe overweight, 10-12 kilos in case of moderate overweight. The advantage is that it is complete with physical activity, to have a lean but also toned physique and prevent low metabolism. Here the link. 

  2. 1200 calorie detox diet plan.

    It is an ideal diet to fill up on vitamins and minerals, with a customizable scheme by choosing different foods every day. Here the link.

  3. 1300 calorie anti-cellulite diet.

    It is a moderately low-carb, detoxifying, anti-retention diet that counteracts hormonal imbalance. Here the link.

  4. Weight Loss Resources Summer Diet.

    It should be done for at least three weeks, but it is part of those diets that can be carried out for one or two months without problems. Here the link.

  5. The 4-week intermittent ketogenic diet.

    A diet that combines intermittent fasting with a low-carb but non-restrictive plan. In the same article also the maintenance. Here the link.

  6. Dr. Calabrese’s smart summer diet. 

    For those who love those diets with day-to-day menus, the Calabrese diet in the summer version provides about 1300-1350 calories. It makes you lose 3 to 5 kilos per month. Here is the link. 
    Ideal as a maintenance diet, a 1500-1600 calorie diet like this one, which can be done with a few small additions. Or you can do 5 days following the diet plan and then two days off.

  7. The sandwich diet .

    Ideal for those who eat away from home, it allows you to organize and personalize your meals in order to have a plan of about 1200 calories. Here the link.

  8. Easy diet to lose weight right away.

    A diet that must be customized on the basis of the weight you need to lose. Excellent because it is very intuitive. Here. 

Let’s now see the DIET-STOP-DIET method.
Considered to be one of the safest strategies for losing weight without regaining it.
With 15 days of diet and 15 of maintenance.

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