Because zero coke risks making you eat more

Because zero coke risks making you eat more

And let’s go back to talking about light coke with another study that explains the correlation between the consumption of this drink and the risk of eating more.
According to a new study, in fact, conducted by George Washington University , the calories saved by the sugar of zero coke are likely to convert into many more calories consumed through food. The scientific explanation is already there, but we will see it at the end of the article.
The American study focused on the per capita calorie consumption of zero cola users compared to traditional coke or other calorie drinks. Paradoxically, the researchers explain, those who habitually consume zero coke tend to consume 200 more calories per day .

And even when they keep their calories under control, perhaps with a calorie counter app, that person will be much hungrier than those who consume other drinks, or water.


But what are the reasons why Coca Zero increases the sense of hunger?
Essentially there are two. The content of caffeine, which like any nerve substance acts on the central nervous system, exciting it. And this energy boost leads to lower blood sugar levels by pressing the accelerator on the stress response. This is why coffee should never be consumed on an empty stomach without sugar or milk.

And the other reason is the sweetener. Which stimulates insulin in the brain, as soon as we perceive the sensation of sweet. Insulin is a hypoglycemic hormone, which means that it must “wipe out” the sugar from the blood. Of course: if it is sugar. But what if we take something that tastes sweet but doesn’t raise our blood sugar? That some receptors turn on and stimulate insulin production.
More stress, and decreased blood sugar.
Combine the two, and now you know why, after drinking zero coke, it’s normal to feel hungrier. Do you mind the Coke? Take it sweetened or if Zero, associate it with a meal with carbohydrates.

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