How to lose two bounties in 4 moves

How to lose two bounties in 4 moves

How to lose two bounties in 4 moves: indeed, winning 4 challenges.

This is the proposal I am making to you today on Dcomedieta, and it is a strategy that will allow you to lose two sizes in a variable time from one to two months but without necessarily having to undertake a strict diet, with scheduled meals, weighed foods, yes. and foods no.

I find it a winning idea for all people who want to improve their health and not just lose weight , they want to change their habits but don’t know where to start.

It is simply a matter of setting 4 goals, which we will call challenges , and focusing on these rather than on the scale. The result will amaze us. We can lose up to 8-10 kilos in a time ranging from 30 to a maximum of 60 days. There will be no need for a maintenance plan: the body will tend to stabilize after weight loss. Let’s see them together.


As I said at the beginning of the article, it is about setting 4 specific goals or daily challenges and being able to push them forward. The goals are the same for everyone, but be careful.
We decide how to overcome these challenges, there are no other rules than doing all three every day.
For example, we don’t have to think about doing something in the morning or in the afternoon. We don’t have specific foods to buy. And even if we have little time for ourselves, which alas is increasingly common, it is possible to do them anyway, because they do not steal our energy and do not require who knows what preparation.


The challenge of 10 is the first challenge that I propose to you to lose two sizes.
It involves eating 10 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

By serving we mean: 100 grams of vegetables including mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes, squash, peppers, onions, aubergines, fennel, carrots, cucumbers, celery, beets, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, cabbage.
Or 80 grams of leafy greens or fruit. For leafy vegetables we have spinach, salads, radicchio, chicory, chard, rocket, endive, Chinese cabbage or cabbage, savoy cabbage.

You can decide: whether to eat them cooked or raw, whether to eat them for lunch and dinner or as snacks or in smoothies etc., whether to eat peeled or unpeeled fruit, how to cook them.

For example: two fruit snacks of 160 grams each instead of a snack and a mid-morning snack are already 4 servings. Two 300-gram vegetable side dishes for lunch and dinner are 6 servings.
For those in a hurry, this veggie smoothie alone contains around 5 servings , for just 145 calories.

Rules for winning the first challenge.

  • It is not possible to make all fruit or all vegetables.
  • Vegetables and fruit must be fresh or frozen but not prepared (for example, frozen spinach but NOT a mix of grilled vegetables, frozen soup, ready-made vegetable creams, canned vegetables, vegetables in batter or other).
  • Those who want can eat more, not less.
    On page two the second and third challenges.

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