The best bathroom scale is this number 7

The best bathroom scale is this number 7

This is an appliance that is almost certainly present in every home, but do any of us know exactly how a bathroom scale works ?

What is the best scale ?

And how does a scale work that is the force that our body exerts on the plate weighing our exact number of kilos?

Certainly all this is due to gravity because weight is different from mass which is a measure used to see how much matter there is in an object

The mass remains the same even on the Moon but since there is no gravity on the satellite then you will weigh less.

In this article Vailo will introduce you to 10 of the best bathroom scales that you can find on the web.

But, first of all, let’s understand how it works.

The 10 best bathroom scales

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Etekcity Professional Electronic Personal Scale Stainless Steel, Digital Person Weighing Scale 180kg / 400lb with LCD Backlit Screen, Auto Power Off, Silver
Etekcity Professional Electronic Personal Scale Stainless Steel, Digital Person Weighing Scale 180kg / 400lb with LCD Backlit Screen, Auto Power Off, Silver

  • STYLISH DESIGN & STURDY SURFACE: Stainless steel surface in toughened safety glass for durability and easy cleaning; it can also be a decoration in the corner of your bathroom.
  • HIGH PRECISION: With 4 integrated high precision sensors; maximum capacity of 180kg with a high accuracy of 0.1kg; supports switching between kg / lb.
  • ILLUMINATED LCD SCREEN: Transparent display (74 x 40 mm) with large digits for easier reading; Equipped with low battery and overload indicator.
  • OTHER PRACTICAL FEATURES: Automatic switching on and off; when you turn on the scale, your body weight appears immediately; automatic shutdown after about 15 seconds for battery protection.
  • RELIABLE SERVICE: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries included; instructions in Italian; 7/24 customer support is always at your availability.

Etekcity is a new company that deals with smart home appliances that serve to improve, in an evident way, what is our everyday life.

Among these appliances, usually small, we also have this steel scale, digital, which does exactly its duty and which is very precise.

We are talking about an ultra-thin model , which weighs very little and which has a very low tolerance between one weight and another.

The opinions of customers who have already tried it are very good even if some have complained about some measurements that are a little off.


  • low price
  • lightweight aluminum
  • elegant design
  • super thin

2. CAMRY Digital bathroom scale with backlit display

CAMRY Digital bathroom scale, large 35 * 29cm platform, Step-on Auto-Off technology, 180kg / 400lb / 28St, 6mm tempered glass and large backlit LCD display (black)
CAMRY Digital bathroom scale, large 35 * 29cm platform, Step-on Auto-Off technology, 180kg / 400lb / 28St, 6mm tempered glass and large backlit LCD display (black)

  • 【Large and sturdy platform】 35 * 29cm size platform, large and useful for people of different body shape and for the whole family. The platform is built with 6mm thick tempered glass and the corners are rounded, this is really safe and stable, bring you a perfect using experience.
  • 【High precision and large LCD display】 Built with 4-precision high precision weighing sensors, measure range from 11lbs to 400lbs. The LCD display measures 74 * 46mm, inverted with white backlight, large accurate readings engraved at 0.05kg / 0.1lb, very easy to read and very specific.
  • 【Multifunction】 Support unit : lb, kg, St, to meet all your needs. Step-on technology, Auto-off, Auto-zero, Auto-calibration; Low battery and overload indication.
  • 【Simple and elegant design】 It is designed entirely in white with thin black liners, large tempered glass platform with large LCD screen, very simple and elegant, it can fit well with any style of home decoration.
  • 【Safety and service】 CE / ROHS approved , 1 year warranty and life-time friendly support; works with 2 AAA batteries (included).

Here too we are faced with a model that costs very little , which is digital, which is very beautiful to look at with this glossy black of the platform, which is super thin and which is a design object and not just a bathroom scale.

It is made of tempered glass, weighs up to 180 kilograms, is very robust and resistant, as well as being very precise. The backlit LCD screen is able to show us how much we weigh even in conditions of too dazzling or very low light.

It works with batteries, has very precise German-made sensors and even if the brand is not among the best known it must be said that the reviews on this product are more than positive and we can only be greatly admired by this type of object.


  • weighs in both grams and pounds
  • super thin
  • nice design
  • works with two AA batteries
  • sensitive sensors
  • sturdy black tempered glass

3. Salter 195 WHKR Analogue Personal Scale


Salter Mechanical Bathroom Scale, Analog, Retro Style, Weight Capacity 150 kg, Accurate and Easy to Read, Rubber Base, Non-slip Surface, No Buttons or Battery
Salter Mechanical Bathroom Scale, Analog, Retro Style, Weight Capacity 150 kg, Accurate and Easy to Read, Rubber Base, Non-slip Surface, No Buttons or Battery

  • STYLE AND DESIGN: Retro style scale, designed with a large circle for reading the weight and a large and solid non-slip base, optimal right out of the shower
  • RELIABLE and PRACTICAL: The mechanical bathroom scales are the favorite of customers, because they work well and satisfy their requests with ease.
  • OPERATION: Use the scale on a flat and firm surface, set the scale to zero, always weigh yourself at the same time, every day, without clothes and shoes
  • WITHOUT BATTERIES: These mechanical bathroom scales have neither buttons nor batteries; daily use is therefore simple, direct and reliable
  • BATH SCALES: Salter Housewares is an English company founded in 1760; we are sure you will love the quality and reliability of our products

In this case we have to talk about a classic model , one of those that was easy to find even at grandparents’ homes and that could not fail to last a lifetime.

If you like the retro style and the robustness of an unforgettable model then this scale is right for you because it is an analog scale, with a gigantic display, of numbers that can be read very well and that is able to be used even by people who they are not quite digital natives.

It must be said that the Salter company that produces this model is a factory that has been working on scales since 1760, so I can’t help but give credit to the beauty of these products and the extreme precision of an analog that does its duty and that has a guarantee. 15 years, so a really long time.


  • clearly legible
  • indestructible
  • easy to use
  • simple design
  • large numbers
  • usable also by elderly people not accustomed to technology

4. Ozeri rev Digital Bathroom scale with electro-mechanical Weight Dial (black)

Ozeri Rev, digital bathroom scale with electromechanical weight dial (black)
Ozeri Rev, digital bathroom scale with electromechanical weight dial (black)

  • Synchronized electromechanical dial and LCD display that lights up automatically for immediate weight display in kg and pounds and for easy reading in all light conditions and from any angle.
  • Elegant design with 14 cm dial and integrated digital display, with refined chrome finishes to combine an exclusive retro look with the precision of modern technology.
  • Professional quality scale with large, impact-resistant tempered glass weighing plate for maximum stability. New alert function to remind you to measure your weight at the same time every day.
  • It uses 4 high-precision GX sensors for weighing up to 180kg in 0.1kg increments and StepOn technology for precise measurements right out of the box.
  • Automatic calibration and shutdown to reduce battery consumption. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries with low battery indicator (batteries included). Money Back Guarantee.

The price is quite honest and this must also be taken into consideration because among this myriad of models we always have a lot of choice, so it is definitely difficult to extricate yourself.

Since we are talking about scales we must think about how we also weigh this scale which reaches up to 180 kg , has both the LCD display and the traditional number line, it is rather bulky but it is also quite readable by those who do not have good eyesight and do not they want to strain it.

Customer reviews, as in all cases where we talk about digital scales, are quite controversial: on the one hand we have those who say that this is a splendid product and that we can not help but continue to weigh ourselves in peace and others who support that there is no worse product and that there are no substantial weight differences even when fully clothed or undressed.


  • very flexible design
  • nice big display
  • large numbers
  • comfortable platform
  • sturdy structure
  • quick weighing

5. Laica Scale PS1054 Electronic Personal Scale

Laica Scale PS1054 Electronic Personal Scale, Gray Dotted Central Band, 180 kg
Laica Scale PS1054 Electronic Personal Scale, Gray Dotted Central Band, 180 kg

  • 6 mm thick tempered glass platform
  • Automatic switching on and off
  • Unit of measure conversion key kg / st-lb
  • Power supply: battery-powered

It must be said that Laica, in recent years, has carved out a very interesting place for itself in our homes thanks to a series of electronics products that cost very little but that perfectly know how to do their duty.

Also for this product I can only praise the price because we are talking about just over 10 euros and I cannot imagine that an appliance, of such daily use, could have been manufactured by such a well-known company at such a low price.

It must be said that this also happens because the distribution of these products is truly worldwide and therefore you can play on a very cheap price because so many pieces are sold.

It must be said that this product is the best selling, which is essential to see, in white tempered glass, with a very effective small backlit display. The battery is lithium and therefore has a long life. The automatic switching on and off is also interesting.


  • very simple design
  • thin tempered glass
  • extreme precision
  • lithium battery
  • clearly legible display
  • quick weighing

6. Medisana PSD Mechanical bathroom scale with retro design

Medisana PSD 40461 Mechanical Personal Scale up to 150 kg, Analogue, Retro Scale in Classic Design and on Large Scale
Medisana PSD 40461 Mechanical Personal Scale up to 150 kg, Analogue, Retro Scale in Classic Design and on Large Scale

  • Retro style: go back to the year 1960. The analog bathroom scale comes in a timeless retro design and is perfectly suited for measuring weight in style.
  • Simple: the bathroom scale impresses with its simple, mechanical, battery-free operation.
  • Durable: The retro scale features a high-quality stainless steel weighing surface with a non-slip platform and precisely weighs up to 150 kg.
  • Weight indication: the weight is indicated in steps of 500 gr. The hand sleeps after loading. The setting wheel is used to adjust the zero position
  • Note: only go up with bare feet. Weigh yourself only on flat and hard surfaces. Initial results may differ as the balance needs to calibrate itself.

When we talk about Medisana we are talking about a company that is able to give credit to all those small and large products that have to do with what is the medical-health area.

And this scale has every chance of becoming a precious friend for those who are following a diet or need to check their weight often for some health problem.

It is a retro style scale, which has a very exposed mechanics, with a numerical line on a very large display that is very easy to read and also has a very comfortable non-slip platform that is able to make weighing easy even for people. no longer very young who do not want to do acrobatics to weigh themselves.

It must be said that having a retro mechanism it needs some adjustment, that is, the zero of the hand must be adjusted with a wheel that is in the back of the footboard.

But since it is a precise scale then let’s not go too far for the subtle.


  • elegant design
  • robust
  • weighs up to 150 kg
  • works without battery
  • non-slip platform

7. THE BEST! ITeknic Impedance Scale Professional Bluetooth Personal Scale

She is the best!

From a traditional mechanical scale we move to a super modern scale complete with an app on the smartphone that allows us to follow what is happening on the scale in real time.

Being a super technological scale, thanks to the BIA technique we have a professional impedance scale that is able to tell us, with precision, our body fat, muscle mass, the amount of water retention we have in our body, the BMR, the muscle skeletal, subcutaneous fat and much more

All this data, and the changes in this data, become a diagram on the app that allows us to see the development of the diet or training every time we go to weigh it.


  • BIA technique
  • measurement of fat, muscle, skeleton, fluids, etc.
  • app on your smartphone
  • super sensitive sensors
  • elegant design

8. Rowenta BS1063 Premiss Digital Personal Scale with Glass Plate

Rowenta BS1063 Premiss Digital Personal Scale with Glass Plate, Pink, lcd
Rowenta BS1063 Premiss Digital Personal Scale with Glass Plate, Pink, lcd

  • Capacity: 150 kg
  • LCD display
  • Slim design
  • A CR3032 lithium battery is included with the scale
  • Smart functions

For those who do not want many frills but want to have an essential scale that works and does its duty every morning Rowenta has created this very thin model that costs very little and is able to weigh us with absolute precision at a price of just over 10 euros, so a gourmet pizza with friends.

Rowenta is one of those brands that makes the difference and has been one of the reference companies for home appliances for decades.

So we are not talking about a minor china but an essential instrument, with an LCD display that is able to weigh us 100 grams in 100 grams with excellent results over time for stability and precision.


  • very thin platform in tempered glass
  • pink
  • elegant design
  • LCD screen

9. Beurer 748.16 BF 195 Diagnostic Scale Limited Edition


Beurer BF 195 Diagnostic Scale, with Round LCD Display
Beurer BF 195 Diagnostic Scale, with Round LCD Display

  • Diagnostic scale with round blue illuminated LCD display, digit size 28 mm
  • Calculation of weight, fat mass, percentage of water, muscle mass, bone mass, AMR / BMR caloric indicator
  • 10 user memories and 5 activity levels
  • Maximum capacity of 180 kg; graduation 100 g for the weight and 0.1% for the percentages
  • “Quick Start” ignition technology; overload indicator and automatic shutdown

If you want a limited edition diagnostic scale this is the one for us.

We are talking about a very aesthetically beautiful scale that is able to weigh not only our entire body but to divide the fat mass from the lean one, control the liquids, make an accurate metabolic diagram and many other things.

It should also be said that since we are dealing with a cheap product, customers are clearly divided into two factions: there are those who find this product incredible and those who are not very satisfied with the other functions of the scale which seem to be not entirely reliable.

For the price, very low, and for the infinite amount of positive reviews I think it can be an affordable object and that the infinite precision of the weighing allows us to go beyond some more technical shortcomings.


  • 10 memory locations
  • quick start on and off technology with automatic shutdown
  • measure in pounds, kilograms and stokes
  • super stylish design

10. Rowenta YD3091 Body Partner Shape Wireless Personal Scale


Rowenta YD3091 Body Partner Shape Wireless Smart Mobile Phone-Connected Personal Scale with Body Composition Measurement Tracker, Black
Rowenta YD3091 Body Partner Shape Wireless Smart Mobile Phone-Connected Personal Scale with Body Composition Measurement Tracker, Black

  • Real body composition analysis
  • Simple monitoring: have fun and discover all your personal indicators with an intuitive app ideal for the perfect analysis of your body
  • Easily measure each area of ​​your body: arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves.
  • Maximum weight 180 kg with 100 g of graduation.
  • Automatic user recognition up to 8 profiles + 1 guest for your friends.

In this last case I wanted to talk about a fairly expensive and super technological model , always Rowenta which over the years has adapted a lot to the philosophy of easy living thanks to an advanced technology that is able to improve ourselves and the way we live. our home and our life.

This scale makes a real analysis of our body and is able to measure, with a certain ease, all parts of our body: from the arms to the legs, from the waist to the chest.

The app connected to the mobile phone is able to make an intuitive and intelligent analysis of what the scale reads, plus the tracker is able to give a series of very important notions about how our body is made and which are the richest areas. of fat or liquid.

It monitors 8 people at the same time and has incredible accuracy.

It must be said that even here the reviews are divided between those who speak of an incredible scale and those who argue that this type of model, at this price, is definitely below expectations.


  • super technological scale
  • intuitive and intelligent app
  • measurement tracker included
  • super stylish design
  • Rowenta warranty

How does a bathroom scale work?

How a bathroom scale works
How does a bathroom scale work? Now I’ll explain it to you

If we want to do some history we must say the oldest existing scale is certainly the one that was invented in Egypt 5 thousand years ago .

This scale worked with weights on one side and the object to be weighed on the other side.

Instead, what is the modern scale works with a spring mechanism.

The standard spring scale has a standing platform that is attached to a spring.

The heavier our body is, the more that spring is pushed downwards. The compression, therefore, makes it possible to indicate, on the platform, the numerical line that belongs to our weight thanks to calculations based on Hooke’s Law which relates our weight to the spring that has stretched.

Modern scales, however, no longer use the spring system but have a digital screen on which the number can be read directly, without any hand and no numerical line.

In fact these scales are equipped with piezoelectric transducers which are pressure sensors.

These sensors produce an electric current when they feel the pressure.

The more you weigh the stronger the current that is produced and the current calculation is then converted into your weight.

Of course, scales have their own standards to keep in mind before buying one model over another.

And let’s talk about:

  • graduation
  • scope
  • tolerance

By graduation we speak of the numerical intervals in which the scales indicate the weight.

It can be a scale divided by 50 grams or by 50 grams. Digital scales are also usually graduated from 100 grams to 100 grams.

The capacity indicates the maximum weight load of a scale. A standard home scale reaches up to 120 kilos. If you weigh more you have to think about a higher capacity and therefore a more professional scale.

Of course there is also a fault tolerance range even on the most accurate model of all. This tolerance level is usually 0.5 percent per 100 grams.

How to choose the right scale for us

Choosing a bathroom scale is simple
Choosing a bathroom scale is simple if you know what you need

Given that over the years the cost of scales has gone down a lot, it must be said that, in these years of the internet, a lot of cheap and very beautiful models have been created to buy.

Having the possibility of being able to choose very beautiful and also very precise models, then it will be good to take a look at the furniture and what we need in this scale.

Because there are those models that give us the right weight but also those that measure our body mass, fat, which have a programming that allows us to record the previous weights and see if there have been any changes that are also recorded.

And not only that: we have many modern scales that are able to connect, via bluetooth or wifi, with an app on our smartphone that is able to manage our weight and weight differences every time we step on the scale.

I also fully understand how important it can be, especially if we are following a targeted diet or diet , to weigh ourselves professionally, with a precision that allows us to follow all our developments from the point of view of the body and fat mass or muscles .

There is nothing better, therefore, than having a tool that is able to help us overcome the difficulties of a diet or a workout leaving us surprised on the lost and always updated pounds.

Now let’s see together the models that seemed to us the most interesting on the web and that are able to be purchased who for one feature or for another. And without any problems whatsoever, given the great choice we face.

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