Gaining Muscle Mass: What to Eat

Gaining Muscle Mass: What to Eat

Increasing the mass of your body (the lean one, of course) is a desire of many.

Why is it such a popular lens?

And what is the correct diet to achieve these results in a short time and, above all, to maintain them over the long term?

Increasing muscle mass produces significant benefits . First of all, aesthetic, with a more toned, strong and well-groomed body, with defined muscles.

But there are also sports and health benefits. Muscle mass, in fact, produces a greater athletic ability to face the different sports disciplines , but it is also synonymous with a good state of health .

To achieve this goal , as suggested by the blog of , there is a need both to develop a specific training, but also to associate a balanced diet , which includes certain foods and avoids others.

What you need to know

To increase your muscle mass you need first of all constancy, application and a conscious lifestyle choice. In fact, it is not just a question of doing this or that meal or doing a greater number of repetitions for that exercise. It is a choice that involves the body and the person at 360 ° and this choice also has the consequence of choosing the foods to use in one’s diet .

The diet must first of all be personalized. There are, as we will see, a series of general useful tips , but then you have to intervene on your muscle mass, with targeted interventions , children of your age, physical condition, health situation, etc.

Useful tips for setting up your diet

A first useful tip to follow and integrate into any type of diet to increase muscle mass is that relating to hydration .

You need to drink a lot of water and you need at least two liters per day.

Another tip concerns the number and frequency of meals . We are used to thinking that to lose weight and increase your muscle mass you need to eat less; in reality you have to eat well and activate the metabolism. For this reason it can be useful to have 6 meals a day, spread over the course of the day and also including snacks in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon.

The most important meal to eat is the first of the day: breakfast . This must be rich in proteins, in order to give the number of energy sufficient to face the day in the best possible way and not find yourself after a few hours with the classic attack of hunger that produces the effect of resorting to a disordered diet.

What foods to eat

As for the choice of food, it is necessary to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages , diet drinks (which do not lead to an increase in muscle mass), too refined foods such as those rich in sugars and carbohydrates . On the other hand, vegetables, proteins with a high biological value and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index should be integrated into one’s diet. In the development of a personalized diet, a lot also depends on the type of training that is taking place , therefore choosing the foods also according to the athletic goals to be pursued.

We remind you how the diet to increase muscle mass must have at least three objectives : increase in actual mass, maintenance of lean mass and, again, improvement in performance . All these objectives must be pursued together in a coherent and correct way, without any kind of exasperation that would produce dangerous imbalances.

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