The benefits of tantric massage

The benefits of tantric massage

Why should a couple engage in this technique? Because in the tantric massage each one is completely dedicated to the other in the mutual search for the liberation of their energy points and in the deepening of a more intimate knowledge, which can open up to a more true and absolute pleasure.

The benefits of tantric massage

Tantric massage, origins and meaning

Tantric massage comes from ancient India. The same term, ” tantra “, is of Sanskrit origin and means “loom”, “warp”, with shades of meaning that lead to more abstract and indicative concepts such as “principle, essence, doctrine or technique”.

Through the stimulation of the body’s energy points , people who practice Tantric massage have a pleasant sensory experience and improve self-awareness.

Tantric massage can be seen as a powerful way to heal your body under different aspects , or as a preliminary that leads the couple to express their sexual fantasies in a natural and conscious way .

There are many testimonies from couples who confirm how this technique was important for treating or keeping the relationship in balance, finding innumerable advantages in practicing the tantric massage . 

It is a form of massage in which the body is able to find relaxation through the excitement and stimulation of the various senses .

It is a very intimate experience, which helps to awaken parts of oneself. A healthy way to treat each other with delicacy and listening . It can be defined as a real active meditation.

The beneficial effects of tantric massage

The stimulation produced by the tantric massage helps the brain to think positively, acting on confidence and self-esteem.

This type of massage brings significant health benefits because it stimulates the circulation of all the liquids that flow within our body, facilitating blood and lymphatic circulation .  

Relieves physical pain deriving from muscular and organic tension, tones the skin and gives vitality to our body.

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How to practice the tantric massage 

Tantric massage has three phases which are progressively released.

Initially, all the channels of the body are freed to let the energy flow well: the arms, legs, back are massaged, and then move on to the chest, belly and, in some techniques, the private parts .

During the massage, you must live the present moment without distractions , focusing on the breath, the whole hand must be in contact with the partner’s body, the movements must be fluid, continuous and delicate , the hands must slide on the skin following the curves of the body and breath must be deep and relaxed.

The environment for tantric massage

The practice requires a warm and welcoming environment.

It is necessary to make the partner lie down on a soft surface , with a background of relaxing music. The light should preferably be natural , like a candle for example, and take place in a place that conveys the feeling of welcome .

The most suitable oils for Tantra massage are coconut , basil , sage , sandalwood , cinnamon, lavender , mint , pine and  rosemary oils .

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