Natural Cures for Herpes

Natural Cures for Herpes

Natural cures for herpes use plants and substances with antiviral and immunostimulating action for internal use; and soothing and healing products for external use, to treat the skin affected by this infectious and contagious disease

Natural Cures for Herpes

In the natural cures for herpes herbs and medicinal plants are used, which have proven to be a valid help, both internally and externally , to make the symptoms regress and to elocate the temporary resolution of the infection.

In fact, once the herpes is contracted, and the symptoms are cured, the virus remains hidden inside the body for life, and not even a drug treatment is able to eradicate it definitively.

What is Herpes

The term herpes generally refers to a category of  infections caused by viruses of the genus Herpesviridae , responsible for  papulo-vesicular lesions of the tissues of various parts of the body.

Depending on the viral family and the place where it occurs, it is divided into: Herpes simplex which can be labial, if it is caused by HSV-1 virus and occurs on  the lips and surrounding skin; or genital, if caused by HSV-2 virus and affects the external genital tissues. 

Also known as ” shingles  , Herpes zoster instead is the result of the infective attack of the varicella virus , VZV, whose manifestations tend to be generally localized on the chest , neck and shoulders ; while it sometimes occurs in the ear and is therefore called Herpes zoster oticus .

Finally there is Ophthalmic Herpes, which is caused by all three viral families and affects the eye .

As we have said, the characteristic of these viruses is that they no longer leave the host, after the first infection, and nest in a type of cell of the organism, causing a so-called latent infection .

This occurs in a variable time, depending on the type of virus and the sensitivity of the host . From this state of latency the virus can reactivate , even after many years, giving rise to a relapse of the disease .

The stimuli that induce the “awakening” of viral activity can be sudden changes in temperature , prolonged and unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays , trauma, fever , flu and parainfluenza states, prolonged stress , unbalanced nutrition and above all the lowering of the defenses of the immune system .


Natural cures for herpes, for internal use

In natural cures for herpes remedies for internal use are plants with an immunostimulating action, to support the immune defenses to counter the infectious attack and antiviral action to reduce the symptoms.  

  • Immunostimulating plants : generally, they are used in seasonal ailments , but they can also be used in the prevention and treatment of herpes. They are herbal remedies capable of intervening on the stimulation of the lymphatic glands, in the production of antibodies . Following antibiotic treatments , particular living conditions , environmental pollution , too intense work commitments , a diet poor in nutrients, fatigue , depression, the immune system is weakened, making the whole organism  susceptible to infectious attacks. For this reason, genetic factors and autoimmune diseases can also trigger the typical manifestations of Herpes,  reactivating the virus from its latent state. For this reason, the use of immunostimulating plants can help to strengthen the immune system and protect the whole organism from viral infections such as herpes, but also bacterial and fungal ones. 
  • Grapefruit seeds : they contain flavonoids with strong antiviral , antibacterial and antifungal activity . The extract used in phytotherapy is obtained from bruised seeds and 60% dehydrated pulp; and 40% aqueous solution of vegetable glycerin (derived from coconut fat): this is not a simple extraction, but a series of processes during which new chemical bonds are formed. The extract thus obtained is considered the most powerful natural antibiotic, free from toxicity. Its mechanism of action seems to inhibit the structure and efficiency of the microbial cell membrane, which, when modified, causes the loss of cytoplasmic elements. In this way, becoming unable to absorb amino acids from the surrounding environment, the microorganisms go to death due to lack of nutritional supply. 
  • Lactic ferments : the presence of probiotics in our flora is  an adjunct in the treatment of the main  respiratory and urinary tract infections,  intestinal inflammatory syndromes  and  immune system disorders or:  allergies , food intolerances, colds and herpes. The importance of the activity carried out by  the bacterial flora  explains why in case of  dysbiosis  or when it is necessary to  regenerate the intestinal microflora,  natural cures involve the intake of food or food supplements based on probiotics and prebiotics, by virtue of theirability to enhance the natural immune response of our body. In this way the antiviral action of other natural remedies will be complemented by that in our good bacteria that make up the flora (eubiotics), capable of hindering the development of many harmful microorganisms, including harmful and putrefactive bacteria, microbes, viruses and fungi. . 

Also find out what prebiotic foods are and when to use them

Natural cures for herpes, for external use

Some natural products, against Herpes are used directly on the skin to fight the local manifestations of the virus. Especially to counter Herpes simplex infections, some preparations can be adopted, such as the topical application of lip sticks or creams , formulated with plant-derived products. Eudermic , anti-infectious , antiviral , anti- inflammatory substances are introduced into the sticks and creams . Among these ingredients should be mentioned:

  • Tea tree essential oil : for topical use, it is used as an antifungal against skin fungi and nail fungus, as an antiviral on herpes, leeks and warts, finally as an antibiotic on infected sores, wounds, burns and pyorrhea.
  • Propolis : this substance has been used in the form of ointment and ointment as a healing and disinfectant , thanks to its remarkable ability to stimulate tissue regeneration, in case of wounds and sores . In particular, galangin (of which propolis collected in broad-leaved woods is rich) and pinocembrina (present above all in that coming from conifers) provide it with antimicrobial properties , because they are able to inhibit, even at low concentrations, the proliferation of numerous microorganisms.
  • Neem oil: this vegetable oil has given the best results against Herpes Virus (lip and body), thanks to its powerful antiviral action ; while the presence of vitamin E and essential fatty acids make it suitable for repairing tissues affected by psoriasis, eczema, sores, as it moisturizes and protects the skin; it relieves the irritation and heals the desquamation, and the lesions that these disorders cause. It is therefore used in cases of extensive burns, infected wounds, skin ulcers and to stimulate scarring and tissue reconstruction.

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