The benefits of switchel, the apple cider vinegar drink

The benefits of switchel, the apple cider vinegar drink

What is the switchel? It is an apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger drink that has great health benefits.
It reduces the inflammatory state, regulates blood pressure, regulates blood sugar (lowers it), reduces nausea and the feeling of bloated stomach and heartburn, counteracts water retention and rebalances the body of mineral salts, detoxifies the liver and nourishes the good intestinal flora, improves intestinal regularity.
The ideal would be to take the switchel half an hour before the meal that includes carbohydrates: if we have cereals, bread or biscuits for breakfast, let’s drink it instead of water and lemon; if we eat pasta for lunch (or at dinner, it depends on habits), potatoes or rice or bread or fruit, let’s drink it half an hour earlier

The basis of this apple cider vinegar drink is the combination of apple cider vinegar and ginger: the basic recipe includes water, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger and a sweetener of your choice which can be honey, malt or a less sugary product. of stevia. Here are the ingredients for a switchel:
– 4 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar
– truvia or two teaspoons of organic or malt honey (or a mix: a teaspoon of organic honey, half a teaspoon of truvia)
– a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger, plus slices of ginger to taste
– 4 cups of water
Put the water in a jug, and then add all the other ingredients. Those with high blood sugar issues can add an organic or Ceylon cinnamon stick. Keep the jug in the fridge and drink a glass half an hour before main meals, but especially those that contain carbohydrates: this is also true if you have an afternoon snack with fruit.

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