Do you want to control hunger? Use these tricks!

Do you want to control hunger? Use these tricks!

A lot of people always ask me the same question, which is, how to control hunger?
Hunger despite having breakfast in the morning, or after only an hour has passed since lunch, or in the afternoon (and which the snack does not help to limit) or after dinner, perhaps just before going to bed, with the disadvantage that a rumbling stomach you can’t sleep, on the contrary!

Well, you can control hunger , but at the table, with the right food tricks. It is useless to try to control ourselves “mentally”: it can lead to frustration if we are not able to deal with hunger first of all from a food point of view. In this article, we briefly see some tricks to control hunger through meals .


    Prefer a protein breakfast, with few natural carbohydrates : the essentially protein breakfast affects the sense of satiety, but this does not mean completely excluding carbohydrates. For example: – an omelette of two eggs or just egg whites (150 grams) , beating the eggs or egg whites with stevia and a tablespoon of oat or buckwheat flour, cooking it in a non-stick pan with a little butter or coconut oil ( a level teaspoon), adding cinnamon, and putting 100 grams of slightly sweet fresh fruit on top: blueberries, currants, etc. 

    – an avocado toast: on a large slice of wholemeal bread (35 grams), we put 50 grams of sliced ​​avocado and then a bull’s-eye egg on top.

    – 150/170 gram whole or skimmed Greek yogurt, with bitter cocoa or a little almond butter, truvia, fruit such as mandarins on top or a biscuit of your choice or a spoonful of muesli.

    – a cream of cottage cheese , obtained by blending the skimmed cottage cheese (200 grams) with a dozen almonds, cinnamon and truvia, and accompanying the cream with a kiwi or strawberries.

    Increase the amount of low-calorie foods per meal: that is, vegetables. Instead of consuming 50 grams of pasta with tomato sauce, parmesan and oil, and then wanting to eat the refrigerator after an hour, let’s play with cunning and consume wholemeal pasta drained al dente with 200/300 grams of vegetables, plus parmesan and oil.
    Much bigger plate, same amount of pasta.

    We always introduce a small protein food even in carbohydrate-based meals: if we have a biscuit-based snack, it will take an hour and we will be hungry again. If we eat a 25 gram piece of Grana Padano and 100 grams of sliced ​​apple, the hunger will be less.

    We eat beautifully: we must like our dish aesthetically. We try not to go on a mortifying diet. Let’s create beautiful and healthy, but beautiful dishes. We do not overcook the vegetables, we use spices, we use a few olives, we mix raw and cooked vegetables, we try to pamper the eye too , because this visual message reaches the brain, contributing to the sense of satiety.

    We enjoy the meal slowly, chewing well, savoring it, without being distracted. 

    We munch more and drink less: crunchy foods contribute to a sense of satiety , liquid foods do not fill up easily. If you are a lover of centrifuged and smoothies, reduce them to eat roasted chickpeas, almonds, extra dark chocolate that breaks under your teeth, homemade vegetable chips.
    Thirty grams of fresh coconut provides around 105 calories, but try chewing them and you’ll see they’re worth more than two snacks!

    To learn more: uncontrolled hunger, the nutritionist’s 4 tips

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