The ballerina’s diet to lose 1 kg a day: effective?

The ballerina’s diet to lose 1 kg a day: effective?

It’s called the “ballerina’s diet” and like other drastic and trendy diets, it was a reader of mine who asked me what I thought of it and if it was really effective. It often happens that the readers of Dcomedieta tell me about the drastic diets they have read on the internet and of which they want an opinion.
It happened with the Rina diet , with the cardiologist’s diet and so on.

All of these diets promise to lose many kilos, so it is normal for those who want to lose weight to find these solutions tempting.
For example, the ballerina’s diet promises to lose one kg a day and, since it must be done for a week, would allow you to lose up to 7 kilos. Possible ever?


Like all these diets, even the ballerina’s diet can make you lose one kg a day perhaps the first two days, then the weight loss is linked to other factors.
Have you already done drastic or fast diets?
What about carbohydrate-free diets?
If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, this restrictive diet can make you lose around 3.5 pounds in a week, which is already a lot.

And it succeeds for two reasons.

  • It has very few carbohydrates, so it pushes the body to get rid of the liquids retained by carbohydrates, which are an intake of water that allows the body to have glycogen, a type of “reserve” carbohydrate found in the liver, muscles, and to an extent minor in the kidneys. Each gram of glycogen binds 2.7 grams of water. For this reason, when we do an activity with intense effort or with a carbohydrate-free diet, the balance goes down: glycogen is converted into glucose and water is released. Consequently, when we do a carbohydrate-free diet the first two days we go to get rid of that water, which then, when we return to eating carbohydrates, we will resume.
  • It is very low calorie. So with this diet that has less than a thousand calories a day (about 800) you lose weight also because it is rigid. Perhaps for this reason it is advisable to do it only once a year. Of course, we will also lose weight (not just water) due to the large calorie cut.
    A third reason is that the menu is always the same for every day. So you can go on a diet because after two or three days our body goes into ketosis. This causes less craving for food.
    That said, I always recommend that you go to your doctor if you want to lose weight permanently.
    Anyone who wants to try it anyway can find the Dancer Diet menu on page two. I specify that it can only be done once a year. However, please follow my advice both in the days before the diet and in the days after the diet. In this case, you could partially maintain the results and lose 3 kg in total without regaining them, and with fewer side effects.

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