The 3-day vegan diet

The 3-day vegan diet

The 3-day vegan diet is the food-free variant of animal origin of the 3-day lightning diet to be done from Monday to Wednesday that you can find at this address.

They are both very effective, especially after a period of eating, and both allow you to lose from one kilo to two kilos.

Clearly, we are not talking about actual weight, we are talking about eliminating the weight taken with some snags, between swelling and retention, and on average half a kilo permanently.

I highly recommend these 3-day diets after an exaggerated weekend, in which on Mondays we weigh ourselves with an overweight caused by overeating. It is a classic compensation diet, which magically erases the mistakes.



Breakfast: a coffee or tea without sugar, half a glass of lemon or grapefruit juice, three wholemeal rusks with three teaspoons of jam without added sugar.
Green bean or fennel salad with a teaspoon of oil and lemon juice, a packet of wholemeal crackers, a fruit of your choice apart from the banana + 125 grams of low-fat white soy yogurt. 

Snack: a cup of green tea + 7 almonds. 
100 grams of crown or sponge beans with green salad and a teaspoon of oil and lemon juice at will, two raw carrots, a fruit of your choice apart from the banana.

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