Vegan influencer goes on a meat-only diet

Vegan influencer goes on a meat-only diet

She ate only meat for 30 days straight, too bad that Alyse Parker, the famous vegan influencer on youtube and instagram, forgot to tell her fans that she had abandoned the vegan diet for some time.

To then embark on the challenge of challenges. Eating a meat-only diet for a month, with the aim of getting involved. It is not the first time that the famous vlogger, who has been vegan for 5 years, makes these food experiments. She was also a fruitarian and raw foodist, always for short periods. Who knows how your health is going between one experiment and another.


The carnivorous-only experience would have given Alyse much more mental clarity, and would have allowed her to overcome her addiction to too many carbohydrates. However, she admitted herself, the zero-carbohydrate diet experiment, this is the name of a meat-only diet, as I said here , cannot be said to be very successful. Alyse lei claims to have emerged from the 30 days of a new diet very bored and almost nauseated by the idea of ​​having to eat only one food every day.
She also claimed to have had health problems that made her regret 5 years of veganism, despite the fact that in those years she discovered that she had an intolerance to lectins from cereals and legumes.

One wonders why he did it. Does a person really have to try 30 days of a meat-based diet to broaden their horizons? Has engaging in horse racing gone out of fashion?
The girl justifies herself by talking about tests of courage, but the reality is that she, like others, are simply taking advantage of a trend to become proselytes on social media. That of dietary challenges.
The wackier they are, the better.


Unfortunately, Alyse’s story is not the first nor will it be the last. This diet experiment thing is popular with influencers who have become popular for their food choices.
In short, dietary challenges now have more likes and comments than food-based challenges , which were very popular, with people filming themselves gulping down ten to twenty thousand calories a day.

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