The 2-day diet with vegetable soup

The 2-day diet with vegetable soup

How to keep fit in winter? I propose a 2-day purifying diet to be done every time we go astray, in order to remedy a few days of calorie excesses that are very frequent in this season. The 2-day diet menu is based on two vegetable soups, to be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

In fact, vegetable soups can not only be a light and nutritious substitute meal, allowing us to satisfy ourselves with few calories and a low glycemic load . But they can also be very tasty and make us weigh less on the weight loss diet.

So today I propose two recipes of light and healthy winter vegetable soups that are also very tasty for a 2-day diet that we can do when we overdo it at the table and whose menu is on page three.


Cream of barley and vegetables

For this recipe you will need pearl barley, but rice, quinoa or millet are also very good.
For 1 serving.
20 grams of pearl barley, millet or rice (for risotto)
half an onion or half leek (green part)
a glass and a half of water
100 grams of carrots,
half a stick of celery,
chopped parsley,
20 cream or milk 60% fat coconut or soy cream
a pinch of salt.

Procedure: blend the vegetables with the barley or other cereals and a glass of water.

Pour the mixture into a non-stick pan, add another half glass of water, salt and nutmeg, cook over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes, stirring for the last 5 minutes. Add the parsley and cream, cook another minute to mix the ingredients, turn off and enjoy warm warm.

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