The 1300 calorie summer dissociated diet: 2kg away per week

The 1300 calorie summer dissociated diet: 2kg away per week

The summer dissociated diet is a scheme that allows you to lose up to 2 kg per week. This is an ideal diet for people who have bloating and intestinal problems and are looking for a simple plan to lose weight.

With this dissociated diet , swelling is reduced, the stomach becomes flat again and weight is lost with a natural diet. In fact, industrial sweets and baked goods are not allowed in the dissociated summer diet.


The foods allowed in the summer dissociated diet are as follows.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, legumes, cereals, eggs, fish, poultry, cheeses and red meat.
You can drink herbal teas but not coffee and have three satiating meals a day without snacks, of which dinner is very light and must be done by eight.

The calories are about 1300. Therefore the summer dissociated diet is a suitable scheme for a moderately active adult woman. For men, about 30 grams of pasta should be added for lunch (raw weight), an extra teaspoon of oil and 100 grams more of lean meat or fish at dinner.


Orange juice 200 ml + cup of apricots of 200 gr.
Or 150 grams of pineapple or melon or watermelon 350 grams.
Alternatively 170 grams of low-fat Greek yogurt with 100 grams of strawberries or kiwi and a teaspoon of dehydrated coconut.
A purifying herbal tea or very light tea or a sugar-free decaffeinated tea.
Free meal option once a week: a fruit-only ice cream based on water or a soy ice cream + a coffee. 

60 gr of pasta, rice or whole grains with a level teaspoon of oil + 300 gr of green leafy vegetables or 250 gr of vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes only raw, onions, green beans.
A digestive herbal tea + a couple of walnuts or 3 almonds or a cube of chocolate.
As an alternative to pasta, 65 grams of dried legumes or 70 grams of wholemeal sandwich.
Free meal option once a week: marinara pizza with the addition of fresh mushrooms or rocket (not on the same day as the free breakfast meal). 

Dinner. 160 gr of lean meat * or fish ** or 100 gr of lean / light dairy product *** or omelette of 2 eggs + 2 egg whites or 100 gr of lean cooked ham / bresaola with the same vegetables as lunch. A teaspoon of oil.
Possible lemon juice for dressing or vinegar.

* Meat options: veal, chicken, turkey. Vegan options: Wheat muscle, plain tofu for the same weight.
** Fish: hake, octopus, squid or squid, cod, plaice, halibut, natural tuna.
*** Latticino: ricotta, light mozzarella, primosale cheese. Vegan options: tempeh or gondino (60 gr).

An hour after dinner: 150 grams of pineapple or kiwi.

Maintenance: insert two snacks from the following options.

A packet of crackers or pavesini or 4 wholemeal biscuits of your choice.
Smoothie with 200 ml of soy or vegetable milk, two teaspoons of bitter cocoa, stevia, 10 grams of almond or peanut butter.
One medium banana.

Add a day of freedom from the diet.

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