The flash dissociated diet: 2 kg away in 4 days

The flash dissociated diet: 2 kg away in 4 days

Before talking to you about this dissociated lightning diet, let me make a premise: it is a lightning diet , or a diet that must be followed only for a few days (here four) on occasions when we want to deflate in a very short time.

It is not a diet to be followed all the time and obviously does not replace the rules of healthy and proper nutrition.

It is a 4-day regimen that allows you to lose two kilos quickly, it is very simple.
In fact, in this diet, every day is dedicated to a category of food : acidic, basic, neutral.
Ideal in summer because it involves two days of fruit only, but with the appropriate combinations.


  1. First day: protein / acid.
    Breakfast with water acidulated with lemon juice, a 170 gr low-fat white Greek yogurt with cinnamon or two eggs.
    Lunch and dinner: meat or fish (140 gr) including sea bass, octopus, squid, sole, cod, sea bream, fresh tuna, defatted veal, chicken breast or turkey with mixed green salad and a teaspoon of oil. For vegetarians ok tofu, tempeh or seitan (doses: 100).
    Snack: 20 gr of Grana Padano or 200 ml of skimmed milk with a sprinkling of cinnamon.
  2. Second day: acid / neutral with fruit.
     with a 200 ml orange or grapefruit or mixed citrus juice + 150 grams of apple or a peach baked in the oven with cinnamon or 200 grams of watermelon or melon. A bitter coffee.
    Lunch and dinner: 100 g of avocado in a salad with 100 g of raw tomatoes, a handful of rocket and a teaspoon of oil. 200 gr of strawberries or pineapple or apricots.
    Snack: an orange or a pear cooked with cinnamon or 250 grams of watermelon + a bitter coffee. 

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