The 10 secrets to lose weight without a diet

The 10 secrets to lose weight without a diet

Slimming dietIf you are tired of trying diets or the mere idea of ​​being stint makes you want to get engaged to the boy from the pastry shop under the house to have cream puffs and cassate under the counter, then you belong to that large group of people who would like to wake up one day without a waistline. a dinghy thanks to some quick trick, a drink or a home remedy. And this article is definitely for you, because I will list ten useful secrets for losing weight, things that undoubtedly work. Therefore, whether you are very savvy in diets or if you want to lose little weight quickly and smartly, perhaps without thinking too much about it, knowing what to do or not to do to get closer to a healthy weight is always useful information, which you can put into practice. practice from the next day without effort.
Ten secrets to lose weight
1) A correct diet requires that all the nutrients are present:
 you must ensure 50 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent protein and 25 percent fat if you want to lose weight.  In that 50% of carbohydrates you must also include fruits and vegetables. Only the rest goes to bread, pasta, rice, cereals or potatoes that you have to eat whole.  No, to the “fake” integral and white. If in doubt, buy them organic.

2) There are five daily meals: to avoid digestive problems, eat fruit between meals, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
3) Before breakfast, a glass of warm water and juice of half a lemon. Coffee and tea should be taken on a slightly full stomach.
4) Watch out for combinations. At lunch, whole carbohydrates, legumes, potatoes and cereals or brown rice get along well with cooked and / or raw fats and vegetables from a metabolic point of view. If you want to eat carbohydrates and proteins associated with the latter, only toasted wholemeal bread (and of course vegetables). Carbohydrates should NEVER be associated with each other.
5) Dinner must always be light. During the day, you must consume about 65 percent of your total calories by three in the afternoon, and the total by nine.
6) You have to move: if you don’t have time for who knows what things, do ten minutes of physical activity a day two or three times a day. For example: take the stairs on foot, walk quickly, buy yourself an elliptical or a treadmill and do 10 minutes of exercise. with 4 hour intervals. You will burn a lot more over the course of the day.
7) No to sugar. Ok honey without exaggerating.
8) No to hard alcohol
 . You can drink a glass of wine at the most every day.
9) Yes to the sgarro: one day a week, but only for a free meal with a fundamental dish. Not a free three course meal!
10) Drink a glass of water before each meal for a total of three glasses of water before meals.

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