Soylent, the sachet food

Soylent, the sachet food

soylent-shakeOne fine day an engineer wakes up and invents a very nerdy thing, Soylent , which apparently seems to please him, a group of people with a hipster soul who have money to spend and who want to try a food whose name derives from an old science fiction film with Charlton Heston  (Soylent Green, in Italian 2022: the survivors ) and to orthorexics who see food as a mere necessity. To all the rest of the world that loves to eat, Soylent must seem like a fool. And even if it isn’t, I admit that I would never try it, not even out of curiosity. And you, have I intrigued you enough?
Then let’s proceed to tell you about the product:Soylent is a real powdered food, obtained from a mixture based on oats, rice proteins, maltodextrins , vitamins and mineral salts. It is a product of plant origin, therefore, so if you fed all of Soylent you would also become vegan all of a sudden. There is a but, that is, more than vegan you would be vegan taking fish oil, since this powder is mixed with water and an oil that is a mix of fish oil and canola. Ugh.

The positive side is that these sachets of Soylent, dissolved in the oil and water solution, create smoothies that contain all the nutrients that according to the WHO we must take every day to have a proper diet: so not just carbohydrates, proteins and fats. , but also vitamins, minerals and fiber, all in one sachet. The other upside is that unlike regular meal replacements, soylent has been considered a real food by the FDA. Its inventor,  Robert Rhinehart , is a brainy man who drank it for nine days to advertise his product, saying to stay in perfect shape. What is the meaning of Soylent? According to him, this powdered food saves a lot of time in choosing, buying and preparing different foods every day. Why buy, cook and eat real food when we can save time and effort with a brew?A reasoning that only an engineer could find fitting, but which makes water everywhere, starting with the fact that eating is a source of pleasure, for the individual as well as for animals. If each of us thought that eating is a serious chore, there are thousands of supplements on the market that allow us to eat something without effort. Another thing that Robert Rhinehart claims is the affordability of Soylent. If you wanted to eat Soylent for a month, the cost would be around $ 225, around € 160/170. Cheap enough. But not that much. Also, Robert Rhinehart would be a real benefactor, if instead of making money on people who would much prefer solid meals and who can buy Soylent for a simple whim or to pamper their nerdy soul, he would provide Soylent for free to people who cannot eat, for example in developing countries development, in countries with serious food and livelihood problems or, by agreement, to hospitalized people.

Instead, the goal of the whole affair is to make us eat like astronauts, eliminating real food for chemically obtained food, thanks to a corporation that intends to standardize the tastes of a population.
Does it make you lose weight? No, that’s not why I’m talking about it. Soylent is not a dietary type meal replacement either, since it is based on the recommended daily allowance, so it is fine for a 2000 calorie diet for a woman and 2500 for a man, or in any case with a 2000/2500 range.
In recent months, Soylent has given birth to a new line of products called Queal : they are always Soylent drinks, but on the site there is the possibility of ordering them also in the Slimming / Greasing option and with different types of taste..
But it is always a liquid-only diet all the time, and without eating any other food. Who cares?

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