Green coffee slimming, the scandal!

Green coffee slimming, the scandal!

green coffeeDoes green coffee make you lose weight? Well yes, indeed, ni. After an incredible exploit for which it seemed like a metabolism accelerator, capable of making you lose a bounty in a month without effort, now the speech has been considerably reduced.
The slimming effects of raw green coffee are certainly not far-fetched; raw green coffee, like regular coffee, contains methylxanthine , which is a substance that acts on the accumulation of fat. Basically, normal caffeine. As with garcinia cambogia, green coffee , which has less caffeine than normal coffee but which is metabolized better and more effectively than normal, is also a food whose nutritional properties have been emphasized to make it a slimming product.The problem arose precisely from this emphasis on green coffee as a slimming remedy: the action of caffeine, to burn fat, is confirmed by doctors and nutritionists, but we are talking about a limited action over time (the body tends to get used to it to the effects of caffeine, practically doping) and above all limited also in the effects : if we too took a super-extract of green coffee, its slimming action would be a tenth, in a day, of a low-calorie diet combined with sport.

In short, there is no miracle behind slimming green coffee, because it is true that it is slimming, but it is little, very little, and above all the body reacts by adapting the metabolism to the new substance. So much so that, and this is the news, even the doctors who wrote the publication on the research that in 2012 cleared green coffee as a slimming product, namely Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham , have retracted the published results. Perhaps, they said, some data that had been provided to them by the Indian researchers involved in the study was not reliable, but were forged at the sponsors’ solicitation. Who, questioned properly by the law and at the risk of being reported, admitted that they were not sure of their validity. And so the conclusions on the slimming power of green coffee that the two doctors wrote in their publication were far-fetched. Well, it must be said, better late than never. Too bad that in the meantime their research has been published in authoritative journals , which deal with serious problems, such as obesity and diabetes, and now it turns out with data that are not first-hand, and not even reliable.
This beautiful altar behind slimming green coffee teaches us something: what we read on the internet is often not as authoritative as we think; sponsors also play a role in health research; consumers with their overweight problems are treated as gullible at the country fair .

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