Ten foods that make you fat

Ten foods that make you fat

Come on, you will tell me.
We all know which foods make you fat.

It is enough to check the percentage of lipids in a food to realize that oils, butters, meats and cheeses, walnuts and hazelnuts have a high quantity of lipids and in general are high-calorie foods.

Well, good. But the news of the most caloric recipes in the world recently published in the newspapers , the arrival of summer or September that sets off an alarm bell in all of us, the arrival of winter in which we would like to avoid packing kilos, because then summer arrives, and the example of my colleagues who are able to eat anything convinced that they can eat better and less and lose weight gave me to think .

Because maybe we are not really good at figuring out which foods to limit .
Perhaps we underestimate the hidden calories, sugars and fats of some food.

If so, now is the moment of truth. Here are ten unsuspected foods that make you fat, and that you need to limit if you want to lose weight. And I’m sure someone will be a little surprised, someone else will say “I knew it” and many will have something to meditate on.
Finally, before someone howls at the moon, indignant because some are useful foods in the diet, I would like to point out that I am listing foods to be limited, to be consumed more carefully, not to be eliminated entirely.
In short, the foods that make you fat if you know them you limit them, you do not avoid them.

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