The person diet: lose weight according to the personality

The person diet: lose weight according to the personality

It is called “The person diet”, and it is a very interesting book, written by Dr. Tiziana Stallone , a biologist, which explains how to lose weight you do not need, indeed it is wrong, a standard approach, with calorie restriction, dosed foods and calories counted all the way. time . The diet in the strict sense may indeed be good for some, but it proves counterproductive for many. The failure rate of each diet is estimated to be around 85%.
People tend to gain weight within five years of the diet.
This is because we are all different, and if we do not take into account our differences we will always be fighting against the extra pounds. 

In fact, Dr. Stallone explains that those with overweight problems have actually tried to lose weight many times, until they fall victim to “dieting” or a chronic diet situation in the hope of losing weight . Added to this are the good intentions to lose weight, which we often keep going for a short time, precisely because we do not realize how difficult they are to maintain and therefore impractical in the long term: eating a diet without carbohydrates, going for a run in the morning to fasting, detoxify by eliminating a series of foods. What happens next?

That we end up being fatter (and unhappy) than we wanted , and we also end up living with more restrictions. Therefore the diet system often does not work or is not the answer for everyone for how it is set up.

In the book “The Diet Person”, for example, the doctor explains that our personality has a weight in the weight loss process that we will choose to take: those who eat too much can belong to 4 distinct categories .
The Social Eater (uses food for his conviviality), the Hedonistic Eater (uses food for pleasure), the Melancholy Eater (uses food for comfort) and the Compulsive Eater (uses food to combat anxiety and as a “filler”).


For each of these categories, the approach to weight loss is different. But there are advice that is valid for everyone:
– the diet must be sustainable in the long term and flexible
– the diet must take into account the conviviality factor, which is important in nutrition
– the diet must not exclude many foods, but include everything in different quantities
– concentrating on the weight of the scale can be counterproductive, if for example we associate the diet with physical activity
– the diet must also be a pleasure: if it is based on constant deprivation, we will tend to abandon it due to the stress it causes us.
– watch out for foods for which we have a real weakness: each of us has his own. Acting on these throat weaknesses makes more sense than depriving yourself of everything!


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