Alopecia areata, causes and remedies

Alopecia areata, causes and remedies

Alopecia aerata is an autoimmune disease whose causes are not yet known. It is often accompanied by other diseases involving the immune system.

Alopecia areata, causes and remedies

If we talk about alopecia areata, we are dealing with a disease considered autoimmune  but unfortunately not recognized by the National Health System.

However, it affects about 1% of the population and in Italy the National Association of alopecia areata  (Anaa) was established to help those affected by it and which apparently is the manifestation of very complex problems, in short, the tip of a iceberg.

Alopecia areata, how it manifests itself

Alopecia in  its aerated form can make its appearance in pediatric age between 2 and 4 years and then perhaps withdraw silently to reappear in adulthood between 20 and 30 years.

It should not be confused with common baldness or a form of stress alopecia, which is why it is important to investigate from the earliest manifestations as a child, with in-depth research on the immune system , which will be altered.

Alopecia often manifests itself with patches in the temporal and occipital areas , but it can affect the whole skull and also the whole body, a form of absolute alopecia areata. In many cases the hair grows back spontaneously , therefore without an involution of the hair bulb, but it is subject to recurrence.

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Alopecia Areata, the causes

Alopecia areata as an autoimmune disease is difficult to investigate. Anaa guarantees constant research and support, but the causes are still completely unknown at the moment .

What has been highlighted by the clinical investigations is that it does not appear alone. Often the affected subject brings with him other pathologies related to the immune and reactive system such as celiac disease , lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo, thyroiditis , the latter found in even 25% of cases of alopecia areata.

It goes without saying that the field of research is certainly the immune system and its alterations, and how to intervene in synergy both from a dermatological and an immunological point of view, but we are still far from identifying the trigger. What is certain is that its manifestation can have very strong and almost disabling psychological consequences, especially for women.

Alopecia Areata, the remedies

As we can easily understand since the causes are still unknown, the remedies act on the symptoms . At the pharmacological level, corticosteroids, cortisones are used, and in severe cases, immunosuppressant-based therapies such as cyclosporine A are applied.

Working on the immune system by depressing its reactions exposes our body to other kinds of dangers, and certainly must be a therapy followed by a specialist , carefully respecting the established protocol .

In the natural field we can intervene in synergy and help with topical remedies, not for internal use, because we would not respect the cause-effect principle since the cause is still unknown.

Alopecia areata affects men and women alike but since the hair bulb and the pH of the scalp differ in the two sexes for hormonal components, we can integrate pharmacological treatments with differentiated topical preparations:

> Male alopecia areata : there are preparations for cleansing and stimulating daily application based on serenoa repens , green coffee and trace elements such as zinc, copper and magnesium, natural remedies for men’s hair loss .

The particular Serenoa Repens is rich in phytosterols and free fatty acids that inhibit the alpha 5 reductase at the hormonal level and thus prevent the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and therefore its link with the receptors of the hair follicle cells. It has an anti-inflammatory action. 

> Female alopecia areata : also in this case there are products on the market for cleansing and topical application for the female scalp based on yarrow , maidenhair  and trace elements such as zinc, copper and magnesium.

The Maidenhair fern and Achillea in particular perform a rebalancing action on the scalp, revitalize it and counteract hair loss.

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