Disability, without barriers

Disability, without barriers

December 3 is the International Day of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Karni Liddel is the national representative. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose of the celebration and the initiatives abroad and in Italy, for a disability without barriers

Disability, without barriers

Internationally this day is known as the nternational Day of People with Disability  or also with the acronym  IDPwD. 

The date of celebration was chosen in 1992 and has always remained December 3; every year the theme is different: let’s discover this year’s topic and the various activities promoted.

The theme of the International Day of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

This year La Giornata focuses on 17 objectives to be achieved in order to be able to advance in the field of fighting obstacles in terms of disabilities , material and mental obstacles: removing slowdowns and critical points and working in the direction of promoting improvements at the level communication, transport, quality of life, the circulation of information.

The testimonial of the day is Karni Liddel , Olympic champion, radio speaker, who has long been involved in various causes involving the disabled.

It is an important day to celebrate those who in Italy correspond to 4 million people, many of whom are talented in some art, and around a billion in the world.

There will be events in many cities: the Italian Disabled Association informs about the proposals that cover the whole day in various cities of the Italian territory;

We would like to point out the event organized in Rome by La Sapienza University which presents “The art of being” ; then we recommend that you visit the FB page created by the Council for People in Difficulty  and the beautiful page that the Courier dedicates to disabled people entitled Invisible , which always returns valid reports and without unnecessary compassion.

The official site of the day collects the dedicated events throughout the global territory, with the possibility of inserting your own; you will also find opening images of the events in the past years and a gallery dedicated to the sporting event that took place in 2015 (the cricket team of the disabled for blindness). There are resources and documentation available for the disabled and non-disabled student, teacher and user. We also point out the site of the Association for the Development of IT Projects for the Disabled (ASPHI) , a portal on educational technologies for the disabled , and Alterweb , a container of news for the disabled.

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Disability without barriers: daily life, health, sport 

If it is true that framework law no. 104 of 1992 to law no. 68 of 1999 on the work of people with disabilities has regulated various issues of fundamental importance, such as accessibility or inclusion in the school system, it is also true that in practice there are still many obstacles, mental, material.

Full inclusion in many small towns as well as busy cities remains a goal. We imagine an inclusion that takes place in all the different dimensions and opportunities of daily life: school, work, health, accessibility and transport , quality and uniformity of services.

Recently, however, even at the last Paralympics , we feel that things are changing, there is interest, less useless compassion, more empathy and sincere support and admiration for athletes who have achieved shocking results. Even in terms of laws, things seem to be moving.

The ratification of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (L. 18/09) further decreases the distance between existing norms and real life on the basis of the new paradigm that focuses on human rights, the principle of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity .

This is what in sport as in everyday life we ​​must begin to understand: a disabled person can do the extraordinary within their abilities and very often demonstrating that they know how to overcome even those. 

We explore the relationship between sport and disability

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